Spirit Ducati GT1000

Spirit GT1000 1

Ok. Calm down, calm down… Tim & Kev have just taken delivery of a mint condition, low miles Ducati Sport Classic… »

Spirit at Verona’s Expo

Verona Thumb

Tim & Kev decided that one of the perks of being professional custom bike builders should be a trip to Verona… »

Retro Before it’s Time?

SC Italian Flair700

While Cafe Racer fever has gripped the motorcycle marketing machine, one mainstream manufacturer is missing out. Retro Features and Cafe Project… »

Jerome’s SS Updated


The Ducati SS is a great machine to base a modern retro build on, with a lightweight frame, a proven air-cooled… »

Ebay EXIF?


So there I was looking at ebay – like you do – when I should have been working, and having typed… »

Sitting Comfortably?

UMC Thumb 4 Seat

As well as posting stuff about pretty bikes and cool events, we want to make sure the Shed is also a… »

The DesmoHog


Now I’m not saying that some customs can be easy to build, but very few get into the level of engineering… »

Buckets & Pisspots

Bubble visor Helmet babe

It’s not often we post a pictures-only thread, but when it comes to the subject of what covers yer cranium, sometimes… »

Kevils Beemers Re-Born

Snapper 3

Way down in deepest darkest Devon you’ll find Kevils Speed Shop, run by Kevin Hill (see what he did there)¬†who appears… »

Head Full of Snakes

HFOS Thumb

Head Full of Snakes has clearly made it’s mark on a few of us – and according to Untitled M/C’s Adam… »

Guzzi Love…

Davida Guzzo Cropped 700

I’ve been obsessing about Moto Guzzi cafe racer’s for a while now. It all started in about 1991 with an old… »