Ad Hoc Cafe Racers’ Moto Morini

David from Ad Hoc Cafe Racers in Barcelona sent us links to these beautiful pics of their Moto Morini 350. It’s clean and lean and much more than the sum of it’s simple parts, and the paint is pure luxury.

David got serious about building cafe racers about a year ago, having spent the previous couple of years restoring classics. This Moto Morini is his first build and he’s got off to a great start. The base model was the “horrible” K2 so he only used the engine and chassis with everything else being adapted or made – “ad-hoc”.

Pure 1970’s sunshine filters thru the trees…

Love this little touch. I think I’d keep a pipe and rolled-up copy of the Chap in there.

His follow-up build is a 750 Nighthawk – which we hope to get pics of soon, and on his workshop bench in the quiet mountains outside Barcelona is the “Poptah” – the bastard-child of a Ducati Pantah/Cagiva… Whatever that may be we can’t wait to see it.

Follow David on Facebook, and there are more pics from David in AdHoc’s own blog

Photos by Sebas Romero

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  1. ross coonan says:

    hi david, great photos and would it be possible to to get the paint code for the color stone grey which is used on the moto marini 350,kindest regards ross.

    • hello. it would have to ask the artist! we went crazy with all the color codes and end do not remember the number.

      I respond as I say something painter


  2. Lorene Custer says:

    Hi! I am wondering if you can tell me why you are using the Latin phrase, “ad hoc?” Thank you! My Latin students are curious; the photos are very beautiful!

  3. Lorene Custer says:

    Hi! nvm; i figured it out but it would be nice if you wrote us back since my students are wealthy and bike and would one day probably love to have their own bikes built just for them! thanks! Caveat Emptor! Caveat Vendator!

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