Galaxy Custom’s BMW R1200R

We posted up a pic of this BMW R1200R build on our BSMC facebook page after seeing it on Angel V’s pages, and the Shares and Likes went ballistic, so despite knowing little about the bike we had to try and track down it’s creators to get better photos and more details.

Galaxy customs have a pretty comprehensive Facebook album showing the build on their FB pages, but we couldn’t find a main website. However, it’s pretty obvious from their photo album that this was a serious rebuild, mating a relatively new machine with modern chassis components to very old-school stance and bodywork. It’s certainly been a huge hit with all you cafe/custom aficionados.

The seat and lights come straight from the Jetson’s rocketship parts catalogue.

“Our idea was to make a bike with retro classic image, but at the same time having the inside edge technology.
The base used BMW R1200R. Redesigned modular chassis to make the center of gravity low for a good balance. Mounted adjustable front forks and wheels very interesting Kimmel. Distanzia Avon tires front 150/60/17 and the corresponding rear 160/60/17. The injectors are mounted to sports K & N filters.” [Galaxy Customs to The Bike Shed]

Header wrap meets billet engine guards. Radial brakes on USD forks meet a spoked tubeless wheel.

The beefy chassis parts and wide flat twin look all the more muscular with the old school tank and tractor-style seat grafted on, with 50’s style bullet tail lights and lack of rear subframe over the exposed rear fender. The components conspire together to create a bike that looks like a manga hero’s retro ride from an imagined future-past.

…We assume there’s a raygun tucked into the tank compartment to complete the whole story.

Love this view straight down the exhaust exit, showing the exposed rear wheel mounted to the single-sided swinger. Old school and new, in awkward harmony that somehow ticks all the right boxes.

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  1. Bohrer Hermann says:

    congratolions i like the bike! how match is the price???

  2. mm says:

    Fuckin Masterpiece!

  3. Archee says:

    On prosto aaaahuennyi!!!!

  4. Tommy Krizsán says:

    Exciting “piece of art”. In the Swedish BMW motorcycle club as well as by myself it has created some “want it desperately”.

    Also an interesting background in one of the pictures – a Russian Zil 130 in the background. How the heck did it get there???

    • He was there when we made photos 🙂

    • Fred says:

      i have seen photo of the motorbike five months ago, i believe that was created and built by east european man in poland or czech republic

      • Dutch says:

        The mystery has since been unravelled and Galaxy Customs are better know, but thanks.

  5. Billy says:

    Amazing, simply amazing job. Gongratulations to you all.

    If there is an English detailed story of the progress of that masterpiece work please forward it

    An opened mouth BMW 1200GS owner

  6. Holger says:

    Super Teil ich will so eins !!
    Fantastic Bike Guys, i´ll be a owner of them ….. what´s the Price ?

  7. BORRELLY says:

    Your BMW is my deam-bike!
    I ask you the same question as Hoger, what’the price?
    Bravo i shoud say first! beautiful work!

    • Dutch says:

      Head over to Galaxy Customs own website if you want to ask them about the price of this build.

      • hany says:

        i want every informations of this fantastic 1200 GS.
        Can i have the price .

    • The price is around 17-19000 euros

      • Gianfranco says:

        Hi Krasi,
        really, really, congratulation.
        Outstanding work. The eight wonder in all around the world.
        What brand of forks you used and how much are long?

  8. steve says:

    absolutely stunning!!!!!

  9. hany says:

    17-19000 € with motorcycle or without???
    and how long time to do the custom..

  10. Olivier says:

    genious motorcycle.
    I dream it you mzake it.
    17-19000 e with bike or without ?

  11. Matt says:

    I love the Bike !!!!! Would the builder consider doing another bike like this for somebody ?

    Best Regards

  12. Alain llorca says:

    Good morning

    Where i can find In France a bike like That ?

    Let me Know


    • Dutch says:

      Hi Alain, You’ll have to commission one from a builder in France. Custom bikes like these are one off. 😉

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