Louis Jubi WalzWerks Ducati

Patience is not one of our strongest traits here at the BSMC and this feature is proof of that pudding, as we shouldn’t have pressed the ‘Publish’ button on this story till we had the full info and spec from the guys at Louis Jubi, but, “have pics, will post” seems to have won out.

So – while we are waiting for the lowdown on this WalzWerks built machine, we can tell you it’s been teased for a while now, with grainy sepia shots on facebook – but what makes this bike interesting for us is simply that it’s a lovely take on a bike we already love, the Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Monoposto – a bike that in standard trim is fast becoming an iconic collectors item in itself.

What this donor bike has is an old-school style Ducati frame – giving the flat upper line which, unlike most Ducatis, allows a proper cafe seat and tank, plus it has a rear loop already in place. Combine all this with a modern, reliable Ducati Dual Spark Motor (as per the Monster and Hypermotard) and up-to-date running gear with upside down forks and relatively light spoked wheels, with a wide rear rim that can accommodate a 180 tyre. In other words, old school ideas with new (ish) school thinking.

Since Ducati stopped making these in 2008 no-one has stepped-up with anything similar. However, the bugbear with these bikes were – and still are; a fat ugly rear seat (US market? LOL), giant upright Monster clocks (cheap, parts-bin nonsense) and a long & lumpy tank that melts the minute you fill with ethanol rich fuel (doh)… So, new tank, new seat, new headlight and instruments – Job done. Full Ohlins all round is nice touch, too.

Anyway, that enough from us for now. We’ll re-edit this story when the Louis Jubi crew get back to us with more, so save this page. …Everyone is gonna want to know where that exhaust is from…

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  1. Pete says:

    what an amazing bike, so well proportioned and some lovely touches, love the rear suspension 🙂

  2. eric says:

    Totally agree with Pete

  3. Dutch says:

    There’s nothing not to like, is there… Although if it was mine, I might have opted for a more conventional light unit to suit the retro styling of the tank & seat… I’d also show this bike with the belt covers off.

  4. Uncle Tod says:

    What exhaust? It’s invisible, as are most details in the arty darkness. Open the lens or easy fix in Photoshop.

    • Dutch says:

      LOL. I did brighten up the images a little. Any more brightness, (or reduction in contras) on these dark pics and the blacks went grey and looked horrible. There are other pics out there online, and we’ll source more.

  5. Ben Wild says:

    I am depressed.I ccan see the home page but click on individual model and only the writing comes up – no pictures. Any idea why? (given plenty of time to load)

    • Dutch says:

      No idea Ben. All seems ok at our end. Maybe the picture servers have too much traffic…? They do get tied in knots sometimes. Please try again. Meanwhile, we’ll look into it – (traffic last night was more than double.)

  6. Ben Wild says:

    Can’t see any of these pics- any ideas?

  7. Ben Wild says:

    Thanks for reply before. It only seems to be this particular one- so far. Will click all to test. Not too bad a chore:-)

  8. Connor says:

    Wow … classic red ducati done right!

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