Auto Fabrica Type 3

AutoFabrica T3 THUMB

Da Vinci said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, or was it Auto Fabrica?  What started life as a standard SR250, Yamaha’s… »

Spirit of the 70s’ Fox

Spirit The Fox THUMB

Like many of us, Alastair Fox saw Spirit’s trend setting S6 and immediately started to fantasise about owning something similar.  But… »

Spirit’s RD400

Spirit RD400 THUMB

Chris Bullick originally bought his RD400C in 1977 when he was a sixth former, and the same year that EMI signed… »

Lucky Cat Garage SprintBeemer

LuckCat SprintBeemer THUMB 2

You will undoubtedly have seen this bike already, as it’s hardly a me-too build, despite being (mostly) a BMW flat-twin. Previous… »

RBC’s CB250


Over the last few weeks we’ve been sending Bike Shed T shirts all over the world – South Africa, Australia, Germany,… »

HCG #20 CX500

HCG #20 Honda CX500 THUMB

Yes, it’s yet another really nice looking CX500, but this one looks a little more different than all the other ‘different’… »

Clutch Customs BMW R75/7

Clutch THUMB

A French poet once wrote, ‘Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing… »

Kruz Co’s xs400

Kruz Co xs400 THUMB

Often the builders we get in The Shed are nothing short of visionaries.  Take Kruz Customs for example.  They looked at… »

Kevils Azure

Kevils Azure THUMB

Seems like everyone out there is building supercool BMW R series customs these days, and that’s probably because they are. It’s… »

Bucks’ Monster Ducafe

Redmax Ducafe THUMB 2

Steve Hillary, proprietor of the UK’s infamous Redmax Speedshop, has been around the custom scene for a good while, and he… »