Go Big or Go Home is the mantra for this year’s BSMC III Exhibition Event 2014. After enjoying the hospitality of the wonderful Shoreditch Studios venue and team we realised that our third event just wasn’t going to fit the space, so we’ve spent several months looking for a bigger place with as much character, somewhere that would allow us to keep the easy-going, hang-out-all-day, non trade-show vibe.

Ticket GFX


We’re selling the tickets in advance this year, so buy yours HERE. The price is £10 for the whole weekend, which includes VAT (sorry, but the taxman wants his share these days) including a free coat & helmet check. Under 16s go free.

Tickets are NOT POSTED out. Bring your PayPal Invoice or Order number with you to collect your advance tickets.

Advance ticket sales will close at 6pm on 22nd May.


There will also be tickets on the door. Bring a crispy tenner to avoid messing with change.


There is a seven-story public car park opposite the Tobacco Dock gates on Wapping Lane (the green square) which is £3 a day for Bikes (10am – 7pm) and £5 a day for cars. We have not secured the multi-story car park for overnight and the gates close at 7pm.

Tobacco Dock Map 1


We have room inside the venue grounds on the dockside for about 100 bikes, from 10am till 6pm each day. You’ll need a ticket to ride in, and we expect it to be full by 10.30am. You’ll need to take your bike away when we close at 6.

Single yellow lines may be free over some weekend hours, but read the local signage and bring a lock.



Please bring enough cash with you. Our retailers and the bar will take cards, but for a ticket on the gate, food and drink you’ll need hard currency. There are no ATMs on-site, although there may be some within ten minutes walking distance.


Tobacco Dock Comp

The new venue is the 200 year old, grade-one listed Tobacco Dock, just two miles south of Shoreditch near Tower Bridge on the North side of the river. The closet tube is Shadwell, but it’s just ten minutes walk from Tower Bridge (Tower Hill & Tower Gateway).

TD Aerial

We have 4x the floor space we had last time around, so expect the exhibition to be 4x bigger with more bikes, more art, more photography, more top-quality gear on sale, more food, more barrista coffee, more beer, plus the usual barbershop & tattoos.

BSMC I & 2 Comp


Massive thanks to Triumph, Barbour, Moto Guzzi & Moto Legends for the support and sponsorship. …It’s not just about a few quid, it’s about the mainstream manufacturers and brands coming together to support the custom scene and appreciating the impact it has on the industry as a whole. They’ve all been 100% supportive of our non trade-show vibe, so there’s no sell-out or corporate demands.

We’re very excited to announce the Distinguished Gentleman’s Lounge at the BMSC III.

Hang out with your fellow distinguished ladies & gentlemen in appropriately furnished luxurious surroundings. Have your coiffure and beard attended to by Frankie of ‘Thy Barber’ while you sip on a cocktail, and of course you can sign up for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in 2014 and pledge yourself to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Research.


Whether you’re an old school Ace Cafe Rocker on a Triton, an ex-sportbike rider with a modern-retro cafe racer or scrambler, or a cool 20-something doing their own thing with a Shed-built R80 Boxer Brat, this is a show about you and the culture surrounding the scene, but it’s an event for everyone interested in two wheels.


This page will grow over the next few weeks, with info on the builders, the bikes, the art, photography and film, plus details on the brands and retailers coming on board, and the high quality food and drink.


Artwork - Ace Cafe London Logo on Black

If you want to arrive in a posse (or think you might get lost on your own) the Ace Cafe are organising a group ride-in from their famous venue on London’s North Circular to the show at Tobacco Docks – departing from the Ace Cafe at 10am on Saturday 24th May.

The Ace Cafe will also be giving away a pair of BSMC III tickets as a raffle prize at Rockers & Classic Bike Night on Friday 16th May for anyone spending more than a fiver over the counter.

Find out more about the Ace Cafe here.


Frankie cuts hair 1


Luke Comp

MOTOLEGENDS – Top tier gear from the likes of BELL, ROLAND SANDS, HELSTONS, BELSTAFF, etc



Foundry Pic

FOOD – Yes we will have the same amazing gourmet burgers as last time, from Street Kitchen. Top quality, locally sourced beef, cooked to perfection.

Street Kitchen 2 Street Kitchen 1

There will also be proper Barrista coffee and snacks, as well as a licensed bar for beers and cocktails.

Barrista Coffee

See the new Paton S1 Strada, courtesy of Krazy Horse Customs



Spirit of the 70s The Fox

Spirit of the Seventies


Untitled Motorcycles

Kevils Artisan

Kevils Speedshop

Old Empire MC - Merlin

Old Empire Motorcycles

Down & Out Dutch's Gold Top

Down & Out Cafe Racers

Calum's CB 750 RS Straight 700

De Bolex

Bobber+ Foundry M/C 27072013

Foundry MC

Lamb XL600 A

Lamb Engineering

Jamie's XS650 THUMB

RB Kustoms

Luke R GS750 THUMB

Robinson’s Speedshop

JE Beach Hopper THUMB NEW


Sette Nero Manta THUMB

Sette Nero


Gladstone Motorcycles

Moto Strada 1

Moto Strada

Volts Mechanix SR500

Volts Mechanix

Pete's cafe Racers 1

Pete’s Café Racers

Mokka03 THUMB

Mokka Cycles


Krazy Horse Customs


Mr Martini / Giuseppe Starace

MotoKouture Bespoke MC’s

Jack Lilley


Muff Customs

Oily Rag

Kingdom of Kicks

Triumph UK

Moto Guzzi




Moto Legends


78 Motors



Maple Jeans

Foundry MC

Rev It

Muff Customs

Black Skulls

Kingdom of Kicks




Conrad Leach

Merry Michau

Holographic Hammer

Martin Squires

Kev Taggart (Spirit of the 70s)

Marta Rodriguez

Yve Assad

Lorenzo Eroticolor

Garrett Myers

Chris Watson


…this list/page will now be updated daily…





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  1. Brunel says:

    *Looks at watch, taps foot impatiently *


  2. NorthernMunkey says:

    Can’t wait already! Looking forward to seeing all the crew and bikes, and clothing and food, and beer, and sunshine and lots of happy faces! 😀

  3. Digga says:

    So will the £10 wristband cover admission for both days

    or am i speed reading again?

  4. Brunel says:

    Yep, £10 covers both days and includes helmet/jacket storage as well 🙂

  5. Eric says:

    Can’t wait, hopefully I’ll be able to pass Mod2 by then so I can bring the bike!!!!

  6. Florida Bill says:

    Great news, i missed last years event as i was away

  7. Plasticadam says:

    I’m in – missed the 2nd one in October but looking forward to this. 4 x the size = 4 x the stress. Good luck with your sanity Dutch, Brunel et al

  8. Haydn says:

    Can’t wait to get down to this! Only wish the bike was done in time 🙁

  9. figaro says:

    I’ll be there.

  10. Paul says:

    Well done Dutch and All, cant wait – looks great. See you there!

  11. ben says:

    Missed last years events. Looking forward to this one. Even the wife is tagging along!

    • Dutch says:

      Wives and families are especially welcome. Our event is for everyone. (Kids go free)

      • Plasticadam says:

        Er, my kid is 23 and would like come along again, suppose she doesn’t really qualify for free?!

        • digga says:

          I’ll pay for her ticket lol 😉

  12. Andy Smith says:

    Have a great time guys…. Can’t make it 🙁

    But up side is I am racing 🙂

    Lets do a northern show….. salts mill saltire

    • Dutch says:

      A Northern show is a great idea – Manchester or elsewhere?

      • Graham says:

        Great if you could put on a Northern show,check out Camp and Furnace Liverpool,
        You would have six volunteers locally to help if required,
        See you at 3,

        • Nick says:

          How about Birmingham. Slap bang in the middle of the country accessible from north and south and the midlands is the home of the British motorcycle industry in the past and now. Lots of Hotels etc and lots to do.

  13. Nigali1991 says:

    Ticket booked , I cant wait ,I missed the first two events ,really looking forward to this one .

    • Dutch says:

      look forward to seeing you there…

  14. Nick says:

    Bigger, Better, Faster, More 🙂

  15. Mark Hutton says:

    Hi Dutch,
    We’re thinking of coming up from Bristol for both days this time on a couple of old Guzzi ‘ s for a more relaxed weekend. Any recommendations for places to stay nearby with somewhere safe for the bikes?

    • Dutch says:

      I’d check AirBnB for quaity cheap private accommodation.

  16. Dirty says:

    Woo Hoooo

    Love Tobacco dock too, great article on it here

    • Brunel says:

      Fascinating article, thanks!

  17. glenn says:

    Looking forward to going big this year! Great to see and many thanks for committing

  18. Baz says:

    Coming down from Scotland for it….

    • Dutch says:

      We promise to make it worth your while.

    • Ronnie says:

      Us too, from Edinburgh, are you biking it?

  19. ReCycle says:

    Looking forward to this, bucket loads of inspiration for my up and coming projects!
    Do you think it would be too crazy to to some urban campervaning overnight in the car park opposite?

  20. gareth says:

    Hi Dutch
    I had a long chat with the guy who makes these at the milan show
    Mentioned your show and he was interested, might be worth dropping him a line

  21. CM Bali says:

    Just purchased a couple of tickets, proper looking forward to this – never been to one of your events before

    • Dutch says:

      We try to make our events as a place we would want to go and hang out all weekend, to see bikes and cool stuff that we we would want to see, with food we would eat, coffee we would drink, and gear we would buy, at a price that we would think is fair to pay… You get the idea. See you there!

  22. Peter Easter says:

    I was there last year and loved it. I was looking forward to this year and now discover it starts the day I put the bike on the Eurotunnel shuttle and start a ride to Corsica. Train and ferries booked so can’t delay my departure. Bugger! Hope it’s a great weekend for all who make it.

  23. robert says:

    can’t wait!!!! I bought a ticket online on 26 March – I assume you don’t want to waste time and manpower sending out actual tickets but I only have the PayPal receipt for the purchase. Do you send out an email ticket for the show? Or a printed one?

    • Dutch says:

      We don’t want to waste your money on postage – every penny goes back into the event (and none of us are paid. It’s all run by BSMC volunteers). As it explains on the ticket page, you just bring your paypal receipt (paper print-out or screen-grab on your phone) and we cross reference it at the door with our paypal list and then give you a weekend wristband.

      • robert says:

        thanks dutch – must have missed the vital info!! Looking forward to it. I am pleased to volunteer if you need any help. Robert

        • Dutch says:

          Thanks Robert much appreciated!

  24. Joff says:

    Can’t wait. Looking for great ideas and a few beers.

  25. Claire Harpham says:

    Hey…… Is there any chance of exhibiting a bike. My partner built a Harris magnum gsxr1100 cafe racer at home…it’s since won a highly commended at back street heroes show & first in class at copdock show

  26. V7-Frank says:

    Bought the tickets,booked ferry/train and hotel.Looking forward to a great weekend in London like the last time.

    • Dutch says:

      Hey Frank – We look forward to seeing you.

  27. Colin Tennant says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Planning on a day trip from Aberdeen for this on the Saturday. Can we get tickets on the gate?

    Best regards

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Colin,
      We are trying to sell tickets in advance, simply because we have to fund the event in advance ourselves – Although it’s all looking like a huge posh event these days (which it is) this is still a privately funded show, and we don’t get paid, so we’re doing our best to pull funds in advance of the show.
      I’ll email you with more…

  28. Colin Tennant says:

    Thanks Dutch,

    Tickets secured via Paypal no problem.

    Best regards.

  29. Daniel says:

    Hi Dutch,
    I have purchased the tickets on the third of April and still have not received them.
    Any idea why?

    It was part of a birthday present for my girlfriend and that is in 4 days.

    Please advise,

    Kind Regards,


    • Daniel says:

      Sorry Dutch,
      I should have read your reply to Robert on the 06/04/2014/ first.
      Last time I bought the tickets on the entrance thus I was not sure how the advance tickets work.
      Anyway, I’ll just print the e-mail – thanks.

      I look forward to it. I am sure she will love it too.


      • Dutch says:

        Glad it’s all cleared up. Us blokes aren’t meant to actually read instructions you know. It’s not in our DNA.
        See you and the GF in May!

        • Daniel says:

          You are right it is not 🙂
          We only use it as our line of defense.
          When we mess something up, we make a scapegoat out of those bl..dy useless instructions 🙂
          See you there.

  30. Ross says:

    Tickets booked, train booked! Looking forward! 🙂
    Do you know if any of the retailers will be selling the new Bell Bullitt on the day?

    • Dutch says:

      We are hoping that there will be some on display, and if you can’t buy them to take away, you should be able to order online at the show… but get in early on Sat morning!… 😀

      • Ross says:

        Thanks for the info. Would be cool if I could just try for size and then I’ll know what I am ordering.
        Unfortunately I can only make it down for the Sunday!! Looking forward! Cheers, Ross

  31. Dan says:

    Sounds like a great event… just brought tickets and want to bring my own built bike along. can you reserve parking along the dockside or is it turn up early ?

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Dan

      I’m afraid it’s a turn up early job. Unless you want to submit your bike for the whole event – as an exhibit?

      Either way, we look forward to seeing you – and your bike.

      • Dan says:

        Thanks for the reply. Would love to exhibit but its not quite finished like all these things I built it up to road test-MOT and just cant stop riding it !. only needs paint but that can wait

        See you guys there.

  32. Mark says:

    What time can we access the car park from Dutch?

    • Dutch says:

      When we open at 10. 😀

  33. Hetor says:

    Can’t wait for the show. I have a ticket. My 7 year old son will be coming just want to check if I should buy him a ticket also. Thanks.


    • Dutch says:

      Hey HP, Your son comes free. No need for a ticket for under 16s accompanied by an adult.

  34. Griff says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Cant wait for the show, I’ll be down with ODFU Kev. Just wondered which tattooist will be there? Thanks.

    • Dutch says:

      Hey Griff, Look forward yo meeting you. We’re still sorting out our Ink-meister. News soon.

  35. Arthur says:

    Looks like a cool day out, can’t wait. Hope weather holds out!

    • Dutch says:

      So do we, but it’s a good all-weather venue – just in case. Lots of parking for cars and a few mins walk from Shadwell tube…

  36. Paul Best says:

    Been to all events so far and glad to see it grow , looking forward to seeing bikes and showing a few of ours , [email protected]

    • Dutch says:

      Thanks Paul. See you – and your bikes – at the show.

  37. Stuwey500 says:

    This was awesome last year, especially which the extra gallery for bikes opened up.
    Looking forward to seeing the new venue!

  38. Steve says:

    I’ve bought my ticket this morning, does this get me a bike parking slot on site or is it first come, first served?

    • Dutch says:

      Hey steve, It’s first come first served for the free onsite parking. We have room for 100 bikes in the venue itself – daytime only. After that is full (or for overnight parking) head to the multistory opposite where we have pre-bought a few floors for bikes only. We’ll harge as little as we can, just to cover our costs and security.
      All is explained on the main page and will be repeated on the facebook event page too.

      • Steve says:

        Cheers Dutch. Looking forward to it!

  39. Rob says:

    I’m really hoping I can actually get to this one, even if only for a couple of hours on the Sunday. I’ll work in a diversion from a ride down to the south coast to catch the evening ferry.
    I’m off abroad for a couple of weeks – and all my gear will be in soft luggage. No way can I risk leaving it on the bike, even if I manage to get on site parking, as stuff going missing at that point would be a disaster.
    Can the helmet park cater for 2 panniers & possibly the tank bag.(No valuables, just clothing etc)? Hope so, as this would make a great start to my hols.
    BTW, what time does it all start to wrap up?

    • Dutch says:

      Hey Rob, there’s no right or wrong answer, but if you get there early and there is room, then we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your gear.

  40. Mark says:

    Hi, I’m traveling down from up north early on the Saturday morning and just wondered if you could tell me what time it kicks off and finishes on the day so I can book a train ticket?

    Really looking forward to it


    • Dutch says:

      Hi Mark

      Times are 10am til 6pm Sat & Sun. It’s all on the poster and FB pages, but maybe we should write it clearly on here too.

  41. Mark says:

    Sorry Dutch, ya right the times are listed on the poster. I should’ve looked a bit closer but perhaps it’s just an age thing I guess

  42. Sergio says:

    Hey Dutch,

    Great site, great work. Really.
    Question for when you have a minute: Can I take my Boston Terrier dog Kali to the show?

    Cheers mate


    • Dutch says:

      Fine by us.

  43. Steve says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Really enjoyed The Bike Shed II last year and I’ve got tickets for The Bike Shed III. I’ve recently acquired Dirk Scholl’s BMW R65 you featured on this site the other week. I was wondering if I could get the bike in the show at all and advertise Dirk’s fantastic work?



    • Dutch says:

      Hi Steve, email sent.

  44. Frank Pullen says:

    Hello, are dogs allowed

    Thanks Frank.

  45. Toni says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Do you need to pre-book tickets or can you get them on the door?


    • Dutch says:

      Hi Toni,
      The venue capacity is pretty huge so we expect there to be plenty of tickets left on the door – unless there is a sudden frenzy.
      However, advance tickets means no messing with cash & change, so we prefer it. It’s more secure for our door crew.

  46. crudgie says:

    looks good
    just went to roy enfs shop opening at ttt m/cs

  47. Kevin says:

    Hey I am hoping to make it on Sunday, looks like it should be a great weekend.anyway I have given it a little coverage on my Motorcycle blog..


    • Dutch says:

      Thanks Kevin. See you at the show!

  48. Rick says:

    Hello Dutch ,I’ve bought two tickets for the bike shed show at the weekend,I got them through PayPal,the payment went through ,but I never received the ticket with the order number on it ,I’ve phoned PayPal they said I should get in contact with you .cheers. Hope you can help ,regards Rick

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Rick. Let’s talk on email.

  49. Mick says:

    Hi Dutch.
    Do you think there will be a sufficient amount of spaces for bike? If you think the car park will be full quickly I’ll train it in.

    Cheers Mick

    • Dutch says:

      We have a seven-story multistory car park for bikes, so there is plenty of room. It’s not very glamorous, but it’s close and cheap. Although if you do come by train you can drink more beer, and buy more gear!

  50. david houghton says:

    Hi, I came to the events 1 and 2. Really looking forward to event 3. cheers dave

  51. Lee says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Hi Ive never been on of your events before so I do apologies for the questions?

    I was just wondering as I didn’t see anything about kids on the advert? Are they welcome? Is there a price difference?



    • Dutch says:

      Hi Lee, Kids go free.

  52. Cesar says:

    Hi Dutch, are dogs welcomed?

    • Dutch says:

      We’ve just been told that Dogs are not allowed at an event where food is being served. ..This didn’t come from the venue, but from Tower Hamlets, who license the events there. As food won’t be served inside the main halls, we are inquiring whether we can allow dogs in the non-food areas, but obviously the outcome is out of our control… You could always dress your dog up as a guide dog?

      • Brunel says:

        Or stick it in a pushchair under a big floppy hat? 😀

  53. the don says:

    can’t wait

  54. digga says:

    Looks as if the forecast will be sh*t for a ride down from the Midlands on Saturday —- hope it gets better for Sunday 🙂

    Don’t mind the rain , but i’ll be damned if i’m going to be wet all day 🙁

  55. ben says:

    Looking forward to this one. Cheers for setting it up Dutch.

  56. Simon says:

    Brilliant event! My thanks to everyone involved in putting it on. Cheers!

  57. Tim says:

    Shame nobody thought of extending the show till tomorrow, being a bank holiday and all. I will have to miss this great show due to other commitments but would happily have come along and spent the day there tomorrow (Monday).

    • Dutch says:

      Sorry Tim. We couldn’t afford a third day. Maybe next year. …Besides – we needed a day to de-rig – then back to the day jobs.

  58. Kevin says:

    Fantastic work from all the crew top show again,
    Loved the cruiser/scooters,so cool
    Thanks for great day

  59. Glenn says:

    A great event enjoyed by me and the missus! Suggestion: consider adding the profile of the builder of the bike (including a photo) next to the info sheet as I’d have liked to have met for a natter to learn more and it’s in the spirt of you guys to connect with the people as well as the bikes, many thanks.

  60. Ray says:

    Got back to York after a long day – thanks to Dutch and everyone who put their time in for putting on on of the most memorable events of any type I have been to.

    The principles behind what you have done are spot on, the people, bikes & venue couldn’t be better. Great to see how you are letting it grow without diluting the spirit. The incredable effort put in by everyone really showed on the day – getting these things right is never easy.

    If you can face considering adding a Northern event next year after you’ve recovered from the exhaustion of this one I would support the suggestion of Salts Mill earlier up this feed. Just as spectacular a venue and the Moto Strada guys are just up the road from it.

  61. Justin says:

    Hi Dutch,
    Visited the show for the first time yesterday and it was incredible showing off the best of the bikes, gear and the lifestyle. Looking forward to Bikeshed No 4. already 🙂
    A great suggestion made by Glenn above as it all though the info on the bike was great it would have been nice to know the builder so further enquiries by “Jo public” could be made re future or personal builds.
    Also, when and where will photos etc of the event be posted?
    Thanks for great day.

    • Dutch says:

      Good feedback. Thanks.

  62. Ian says:

    Big thanks for putting on such a great angle on the whole custom bike show thing. Great bikes, artwork, stalls; a lovely laid back event at a truly inspired venue. Turned up on Sat on the DLR so beer & whisky could be necked and then came back on Sunday on the bike to do it all again (with marginally less beer…).
    The hard work that it must have taken to put this show on is appreciated – hats off to ya!

  63. Graham says:

    Hi. My wife and I made to the show on Sunday and really enjoyed it. Some really cool bikes, friendly people, a great venue and fresh take on the motorcycle scene. I notice the complainers have started on MCN already, hopefully they’ll accept this might bring some new and younger people into bikes, which it desperately needs. Well done one and all, you did a great job. Looking forward to the next one being twice the size, just don’t make me look at that Desmosedici again. Sacrilege!!

  64. Paul says:

    Well done Dutch and BSMC Team! Fantastic Show (again!).

  65. ben says:

    Enjoyed that, good day out. The wife suggested a tea and cake area (?!). Don’t change a thing!

  66. Mark/Alien says:

    Great event, amazing bikes, Cool venue and laid back vibe. Loved it!
    Came with both of my kids (one is 21 , the other 16). Now I’ve got to build two bikes for them both !!!
    I think I shot myself in the foot by bringing them!!!
    Luckily, I have a big shed.
    Bring on the DGR 2014
    Well done to Dutch and your team.
    P.S. my son absolutely loved the 5 pot KH500 narked out front on Sunday (so did I)

  67. Mark/Alien says:

    Sorry, I meant “parked out front”

  68. Many thanks to who ever found the keys to my SR and handed them in, allowed me to enjoy the great show and enjoy a swift ride home down the embankment.

  69. Terry Wright says:

    Dear Dutch

    Our (mascot of our club) Fenn the cat, many shows and charity work.
    Can she come in her pram (non food areas) can send photos.
    On many bikes etc.
    Thanks in advance.
    Terry Toad (my wife) & Fenn the cat

    • Dutch says:

      Hey Terry, The next show in London will be May next year. Guide cats are welcome. 😉

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