This is an OLD STORY from 2015 – but it seems to be top the Google Searches for “the Bike Shed Paris”

… For the lowdown on this year’s show in 2016 look HERE.

Last May the Bike Shed went balls-out with our third exhibition, celebrating the new-wave cafe racer custom scene, featuring over 120 brats, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, cafe racers, and a whole bunch of category-defying custom bikes. The central London venue at Tobacco Dock was easy to access, hospitable and we made sure there was great food, barrista coffee, a bar, cigar lounge, barbershop and plenty of reason (and space) to hang out all day with your mates, or with the family, or on your own, reading a magazine and enjoying the vibe. There was also great gear to buy, plus stunning art, photography film and even a little live music (ok, he was a busker, but he was very good). …This was no trade fair.


The Bike Shed is run by a bunch of volunteers, none of whom come from the Motorcycle Industry. We created the blog, ride, events and our exhibitions simply because we they didn’t already exist. We had that “Carlsberg” conversion: “What if The Bike Shed did a Bike show…?” The rest wrote itself.


It’s all gone so well that we’ve decided to keep on doing it, so as well as booking another show in London for May 2015, we’ve also gone and booked a stunning venue in Paris for a exhibition across the channel, and we’re already rammed with quality builders, exhibitors, artists and hospitality.

Bike Shed Paris Poster TICKETPAGE


The Bike Shed will be in Paris at Carreau du Temple on 11th & 12th April this year, and we’ll be back in London at Tobacco Dock on May 22nd, 23rd & 24th, with more of the same high quality custom bikes from pros and shed-builders alike, plus all the art, photography, film, gear and superb hospitality, but most importantly, featuring all of you.

Paris Ticket Image

Bike Shed Paris 2015 E-Tickets are now available for sale.
Book Now to guarantee you’ll get in.
11/12 April
€15 Weekend Pass. Kids go Free.


If you missed the London exhibition last May, check out the photos on this page, many of them taken before the doors opened, so you can see the layout. Over 7000 people turned up, so it was busy, but here was loads of room for all.

BSMC3 6 BSMC3 7 BSMC3 8 BSMC3 9 BSMC3 10 BSMC3 11 BSMC3 12 BSMC3 13 BSMC3 14 BSMC3 15 BSMC3 16 BSMC3 17 BSMC3 18 BSMC3 19 BSMC3 20 BSMC3 21 BSMC3 22 BSMC3 23 BSMC3 24 BSMC3 25 BSMC3 26 BSMC3 27 BSMC3 28 BSMC3 29 BSMC3 30 BSMC3 31 BSMC3 32 BSMC3 33 BSMC3 34 BSMC3 35 BSMC3 36 BSMC3 37 BSMC3 38 BSMC3 39 BSMC3 40 BSMC3 41 BSMC3 42 BSMC3 43 BSMC3 44 BSMC3 45 BSMC3 46 BSMC3 47 BSMC3 48

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  1. joe raccagna says:

    It may be late but you guys have the best photos from the event , and it was a milestone event in my eyes …. thanks for the heads up about paris sounds interesting. …

  2. Kev R says:

    Great news about May…its in the diary

  3. Nick Hughes says:

    I can’t wait, I’ll have to check the Paris dates and maybe make a trip out if it, if not I’ll see you guys in May 😉

  4. Blockhead says:

    The countdown begins…..
    Honest show,people,ideas.

  5. william says:

    Looking forward to it. Missed it last year. I’m about to pick up a lovely bmw R80 I plan to work on and by May ready to ride to the show…. A good deadline. W

  6. Kulture Moto says:

    That’s a great new !! Impatient to see you soon… 🙂

  7. Ian Harrison says:

    BSMC III was – without a doubt – the best event of its kind I’ve ever attended. As a chilled weekend of bike-related fun it couldn’t have been bettered – except by adding a ride into the mix.

    And would you believe it? The (inspired) idea to stage an event in Paris has done just that!

    Looking forward to 2015; will definitely be at Tobacco Dock in May, and try and stop me popping down to Paris in April. I dare ya! 🙂

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Ian – Thanks for such a glowing review. We promise to keep pushing the boat out. Paris will be epic. London on 2015 may be epic-er.

  8. Scott Lonnee says:

    Hi, does anyone know anything about the artwork on display at the Bikeshed show at Tobacco Dock. There were a series of large prints in frames on the wall depciting a ‘skeleton’ at speed………. unfortunately I didnt have the cash or inclination on the day, but now regret that….

    • Dutch says:

      It was “Lucky 13” by Conrad Leach. A very famous Print. Check I’m sure we’ll have more prints from Conrad at the next London show in may 2015.

  9. Paul says:

    What do I do to get hold of tickets for the May 2015 event?

  10. Redu says:

    wow! Paris will be great! We’re waiting for infos for vendors! RHCC.PL is coming..get ready!

  11. Bike Marker says:

    Thanks for giving me the perfect inspiration for a long overdue trip back to London in 2015. It looks like I’ve got 6 months to grow some hair to cut and get to like cigars!

    Seriously, congratulations on the whole “Bike shed” initiative, I really enjoy browsing your web.

    Good luck for Paris – get in touch when you’re ready to add Barcelona to the tour and I’ll see you in Tobacco Dock next May.

  12. Chris says:

    This was a fantastic event guys. The bikes, the food, the feel of the place, everything was just right! Will see you at the next one with a bike or two…

    • Ross Sharp says:

      Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed it. Great, we should have a submission form online in a few days.

      • Chris says:

        Does this form exist now?

  13. Chris Bond says:

    This was one of the best bike events I have been to and at 62 I’ve been to a few. I remember the tail end of the original Cafe Racer scene and back then we could only dream of full on events like this. Feel proud Dutch and company you made one old boy very happy and look forward to the next and the next and the next………. Wouldn’t of missed it for the world.

    • Dutch says:

      Thanks Chris, that’s serious praise. We hope to keep getting better.

  14. stevelyons says:

    Hi Dutch.
    Steve from Indie customs here, we came to the show at tobacco dock last year and were impressed to say the least.
    This spring time we hope to have a couple of new bikes finished, can you let me know how we go about exhibiting them at this years show.
    thanks steve.

  15. Chocolate Pete says:

    Dutch, we came in 2014 and it was fantastic. So much inspiration, my brain was melting. Looking forward to 2015.

  16. Smudge says:

    Absolutely loving what you guys do. For the last two years I have been watching what you do and what you exhibit, it gets my enthusiasm soaring, I am putting some time and money aside to get myself a project going. Had bikes from a young age and had to leave the scene for a while due to money and time, I am ready to return and make up for lost time.
    Who done your black and white photography that was displayed in Tobacco Road?
    Was in Mary someone?

    Keep up the great work Dude.


    • Dutch says:

      Hi Smudge. Thanks for your support. We look forward to seeing your bike at our next event in May?

      The pics were taken by Merry Michau.

  17. Graham says:

    We’ll impressed by 2014 show it was awesome will be riding some good roads in Germany on the dates for the 2015 show. So will have come to Paris show would you let me know when and where in Paris. Many thanks keep up the good work.

  18. gregster says:

    looks like a fantastic event! loved the pics, shame the May 2015 event sits within my already committed holiday with the family!! shame for me but not brave enough to duck out of it!! keep up all the good work team.

    • Ross Sharp says:

      Families are welcome too, especially the small people. We need to inspire bike builders of the future 🙂

  19. Tom says:

    hello there are guys open on Sundays I would like to pop in and have a look at your bikes. thanks tom

    • Ross Sharp says:

      Hey Tom,
      Our permanent venue isn’t open just yet. News on this coming soon. In the meantime we are digitally open 7 days a week and have the Paris and London events coming up which will be packed with bikes for your perusal. Hope you can make either or both of those.

  20. Thorin Seex says:

    Looking at the pictures reminds me of how many great bikes there were. I guess you can’t get them all on. Two that stand out for me are the KTM/Matchless, backwards radiator, coolant in a brass parrafin bottle machine for it’s pure madness (yet somehow at the same time kind of logical) and the GT550 ‘almost eddie lawson’ bike becuase a lot of us despatched those through the years and have love/hate/repect/loathe relationship with them.

  21. IAN JONES says:

    hi dutch… hope your well and good… my partner and i were wondering if it was possible to exhibit at the bike shed event in may … and if we meet the criteria..
    we’d have three bikes to show…. we’ve attended last couple of years and thought
    we’d have a go at exhibiting… look forward to hearing from yo…all the best ..ian

  22. Steve Hubbard says:

    Hi Guys
    Fabulous show, fabulous ‘photos. I am 66 not thin and not in any way “hip” or whatever word is in use now and I had misgivings about your show only being for “trendy” young things. I was completely wrong, my Buddy (only 52 and not slim) and I had a ball, great vibe and great food and drink at very affordable prices. The coffee particularly was an absolute bargain. Fabulous venue, easy to access, the best show ever and as someone else said “I’ve been to a few.” Great to see dates announced for May, wild horses would not keep me away!
    Well done!

    • Dutch says:

      Comments like this make all the hard work worthwhile, thanks Steve.

  23. Andy says:

    My God is this what biking has become.
    I despair, I really do.

    • Dutch says:

      Hey Andy… So, what is it that you don’t like about a small niche of the biking movement attracting a young crowd of people who like the aesthetics of engineering, or enjoy a custom scene that involves decent hospitality and creativity, instead of roadside tea-huts and spit & sawdust venues?

      There is no compulsion for you to come to one of our events.

      Perhaps it was all better “back in the day”…?

  24. PJSMITH says:

    Completely agree.
    Airbrushed on patina.
    You have got to be f**king kidding me.

    • Dutch says:

      I’ve seen three bikes with airbrushed on patina in the last few years, out of maybe 900 on this site, and more at our events… None were to my personal taste, but that’s subjective, and there’s a lot more to the scene. Have a look around. You might find more stuff you like than stuff you don’t.

  25. Steve says:

    I stumbled across your site a few days ago, having decided to get myself a bike again and having been addicted in my late teens-to-twenties years and now some twenty five years later the bug has bitten again.

    What a website you have Dutch! I’ve watched pretty-much every video on your videos page, plus everything else you have here and my love for bikes has been totally re-ignited.

    Fantastic. You are doing it so right. The bike shed screams quality, class and most importantly passion.

    Just a question – how do I get tickets for the London event? I can’t find anything here about how to get them. Or is it a ‘pay on the door’ thing?

    Thank YOU.

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Steve

      Great to hear from you, and we’re very chuffed you like the Bike Shed site. There’s a lot more to come.

      Tickets for the London event will go on sale online in the next 3 weeks or so. We won’t be quite about it, so watch this space or follow us on Facebook – and see you at the show.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks Dutch. Will definitely be there 🙂

  26. Daniel Massey says:

    Hi, four of us have planned a trip up to your show for May and having booked time off and the accomodation…how do go about getting tickets for the saturday or can we pay at the door?

    By the way the only reason we are coming is that having stumbled across your site by accident the four of us were blown away with it…..well as blown away as four mid 40’s to 50’s guys can be….we’re riding up from the darkest depths of Cornwall and don’t want to miss out.

    Regards, Daniel

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Daniel, if you love the site, you’ll love the event even more. Tickets will be available online by the end of next week for the London and Paris shows. There will be tix on the door, but we’d recommend buying in advance, as there’s a tiny chance they’ll sell out this year.

      • Daniel Massey says:

        Hi and thanks for the quick reply…will keep a weather eye out for next week, Looks as though my Guzzi V7 will get a decent ride out in May!

        • Daniel Massey says:

          Hi again Dutch, unless I’m missing something, I’m struggling to find how you get tickets for May…
          Any ideas?

          • Dutch says:

            Hey dude. I got mixed up. The Paris tickets are now live. London was going on sale in another month, although I suppose we could start sales early?

  27. Iain Young says:


    I’d love to put my Rickman Metisse in your Tobacco Dock show in May. Is that achievable ?


    Iain Young

  28. Arsalan says:

    The Best Bike Post

  29. Glenn says:

    See you in Paris – if it’s anywhere near as good as Tobacco Dock last year it will be well worth the extra travel!

    BTW Dutch I saw you were in at One Alfred Place the other week, if you need info / help etc let me know as I’ve been a member for a few years…

  30. Richard says:

    Hi Dutch , fantastic forum .
    How do I buy tickets for the may show in London .
    (if you have already told us , I apologise for being thick!)
    keep up the good work .

  31. nolevaux says:

    Hello, I wanted to know how much was this realization of the bike, DUTCH’S TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE BY DOWN & OUT, because I find it really beautiful.
    A motoard of Belgium.

  32. Of your beautiful photos. Always as much imagination to create new , make something new out of the old …

  33. site motarde says:

    That’s a great new !! Impatient to see you soon… 🙂

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