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This is info for the 2015 event, please head HERE for Bike Shed London 2016 



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All you need to know about Bike Shed London 2015:

This year’s Bike Shed exhibition is being held in London’s stunning Tobacco Dock, again, about ten minutes walk from Tower Bridge.

Expect to see around 150 custom motorcycles from the new wave custom scene, plus art, photography, quality gear and apparel, hosted in comfy surroundings with quality food, a proper bar and barrista coffee, plus we have a barbershop and even a tattooist on hand. You’ll want to stay all weekend.

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Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, London E1W 2SF.

If you have questions about the event please DO NOT call or contact Tobacco Dock directly. Email [email protected] and we will sort you out – but before you do that, please check all the info below:


SATURDAY MAY 23rd from 10am till 10pm.

SUNDAY MAY 24th from 10am till 6pm.

SOLD OUT – FRIDAY MAY 22nd PREVIEW EVENT from 7pm till late.

Friday evening’s Special Preview Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance.  SOLD OUT
There will not be any preview tickets available on the door.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Tickets are £15 and cover both weekend days; Sat & Sun (Not Friday).
(there are no separate tickets for each day).

SOLD OUT FRIDAY PREVIEW – Tickets are £25 and cover Press/VIP night plus a free drink. Your Friday Preview ticket also gives access all weekend on SAT & SUN.

Accompanied under 16s go free on any day. Kids very welcome.

Should I buy Tickets in Advance? Yes Please.

We’d prefer you all to buy e-tickets in advance. We have a smart, fast digital-scan check-in system.
Avoid cash/credit card queues, and help us avoid handling cash on the day.
Getting attendance number in advance will also help us manage how much beer/coffee/food to lay on.


Bring cash, there are no cash points on-site, although there are some within walking distance.

We have plenty to do, eat and drink on site, so come hungry.

Tobacco Dock is close to London Bridge, Tower Hill Tower Gateway, Wapping and Shadwell.

PLACES TO STAY – If you’re making a weekend of it and need accommodation, look HERE.

There is a 7-story multistory car/bike part opposite the main entrance.
We’ve arranged Bike Parking for £3 a day.
Unfortunately you cannot leave vehicles parked overnight.
There is also very limited Bike Parking on the actual Dockside within the venue grounds  – until 7pm only.
First come first served. This does not include Friday evening’s Preview Event.
Tobacco Dock is surrounded by private residences. No dangerous or anti-social riding please.
Some single yellow lines may offer free parking on Sat and Sun.

Press Info: Please email Dutch
Press Passes: Must be arranged in advance. We won’t be able to sort you a free press entry on the door on the day. Email the team HERE.


Bike Shed Facebook Page HERE
Bike Shed London Event Page HERE

Bike Shed London 2014 – Looked like this:

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Check out over 150 custom bikes from the likes of:
Auto Fabrica
Bad Winners
Bell & Ross
Curiosity Moto
Deep Creek Cycle Works
Down & Out Café Racers
Dust Motorcycles
Scrambler Ducati
Fastec Racing
Herald Motorcycles
Jack Lilley
Kevils Speedshop
Krazy Horse
Labusca MC
Lions Den
Macco Motos
Mokka Cycles
Moto Kouture
Moto Strada
Muff Customs
Officine MRS
Robinsons Speedshop
Sette Nero
Shaw Speed & Custom
Siderock Cycles
Sinroja Motorcycles
Spirit of the 70s
Ton Up Garage
Untitled MC
Urban Rider
Wrench Monkees
XTR Pepo

…and many more


If you missed it last April, Bike Shed Paris 2015 – Looked like THIS:

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  1. Steve woodhouse says:

    Who do I contact to exhibit my bike it’s a modern triumph trophy in a Manx Norton frame
    Heavily modified
    Went last year loved the show gave me the inspiration to build this one

  2. Luke says:

    Am coming to the London show. Out of interest, are many of the bikes for sale at the show? Always nice to see nice metal, even better to know they are for sale. Is it just a case that some are and some aren’t, just ask sort of thing.

    • Ross Sharp says:

      The bikes are there to display the skills of the builder. Some might be for sale by negotiation but we make it clear that the event is an exhibition rather than a trade or sales show. That said, the guys burning the midnight oil and pouring their souls into the projects need to pay the bills so being armed with cash and a firm handshake is no bad thing.

  3. Paul says:

    When is the last date for submission?

  4. Paul says:

    So when is the last date for submitting the entry?

  5. Javad says:

    You sent me the form and I replied with some images, but I haven’t heard back from you yet. Does that mean you are not interested or you haven’t decided yet?

    • Dutch says:

      Hi javad, You have mail.

  6. Simon says:


    Can under 16s come for free on the Friday night?


    • Dutch says:

      Yes absolutely. (…if accompanied by a ticket holder). Young family are welcome and wanted.

  7. Ray Trickitt says:

    Hi Dutch, Looking forward to this event in May, and wanted to get some details about exhibiting my BSA Chopper at the show, cheers Ray Trickitt.

  8. Chris Thirkell says:

    Help, I’ve managed to delete the email containing my tickets ! How can I get it resent ?

    • James Mc says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’ve resent your ticket order. Let me know if you have any issues.


  9. Paul Giles says:

    Might hoon down on the sickle, what’s the parking like ?

    • Dutch says:

      There’s a 7-story car park at our disposal. £3 to Park a bike all day and £5 for a car.

  10. Robert Morley says:

    Hi dutch
    iv got tickets for this years bike shed avent, loved it last year, can I get in clean shaven or do I need to be sporting a beard ?

    • Dutch says:

      If you don’t have your own beard we plan to sell a hipster conversion kit for just £9.99. Ask anyone with a Crew shirt and manly-mane for details.

  11. andy.h. says:

    hi, is there tattooing this year and if so is it first come first served or booking in advance



  12. pete says:

    Hi – I would love to have a stall at the weekends event on 23 and 24th. I run a small tour company (old british bikes in lesser well known parts of india). I reckon our stall would fit in brilliantly.

    Please tell me how I go about securing a pitch. Many thanks

    Peter George Rowe

    07985 1066 65

    • Dutch says:

      Hi George, I’m afraid our few brand/retail spots are all full. Hope to see you at the event as a visitor tho.

  13. Derrick Mansi says:

    Hi there, will be in London for a couple of hours on the Sunday afternoon, how much would the entrance fee be ?

    • Ross Sharp says:

      Hey Derrick,
      It’s £15 for the whole weekend, come and go as you please to suit your schedule. If you’re quick and don’t get sidelined by burgers, beer and coffee you should be able to get round the show in 2 hrs.

  14. Jonty brown says:

    Now then. Really looking forward to this! Gonna be great! Just wondering who is the tattoo artist this year? And is it just walk ins on flash or would I have to book. Cheers hope your well

  15. Michal says:


    What is the exact model of the bike on the poster?

    Thank you.



  16. DavyR says:

    not long to go now… hope all the prep is going well… i’m looking forward to it 🙂

  17. Ben says:

    Are you doing the Ace Cafe ride in again like last year, can’t seem to see any details?

    • Dutch says:

      Hi ben, details are on the Ace cafe website.


  18. David Emsley says:


    I have tickets for Friday. You ticket site for resenting e tickets is broken.

    • Dutch says:

      Email sent. Pls check your spam.

  19. Otto says:

    Hi guys,

    do you allow dogs inside the venue?

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Otto, We love dogs, but technically dogs are not allowed inside the venue, but we had a few at the dockside last year and some calm, modestly-sized dogs snuck-in as “helper dogs”, but when we are busy (which we will be) I suspect the security team will say No Dogs, as it’s not a great space for them when the venue is busy inside.

      • Otto says:

        Makes sense! Thanks for the quick reply and see you guys later today! Very sunny here in West London at the moment lets hope it stays that way!

  20. Jerry Albrow says:

    First time to the show. Amazing. A fusion of style, art, craftsmanship and bikes – everywhere. I ride bikes, but I so now need a custom of some sort, I think it will have to be a bobber.
    I’ll be back.

    • Dutch says:

      Thanks so much Jerry. Try them all before you decide.

  21. Paul says:

    Great show, came all the way from Yorkshire and was not disappointed, carnt wait for next year may even try the Paris show.
    Do you recommend any other shows and meets not a lot of this scene happening up north.

    • Dutch says:

      Hi Paul, thanks so much for coming such a long way, and I’m glad it was worth it! Not sure about other shows up North, but we do need more across the UK covering this growing scene.

  22. bryan kerswill says:

    Wow great show guys. A big thanks to all who set this up especially the builders/owners who allowed all and sundry to get right up to the bikes and study the close detail. It was my first Shed show and as long as you can manage another I,ll be back. Me being riding for 40 + years it was great to see a lot of the younger generation getting into bikes and listening and talking to them I don,t see it as the “latest thing”. Once again thanks for putting on something special.

    Cheers Bryan

  23. Holger says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m interested to know if there are some other bike shed’s somewhere in Europe!
    Unfortunately I saw the event in London a bit too late.
    I’m from Germany and like to visit a bike shed!
    Where can I get Info’s if there other ones? I’ve looked at Facebook too, and find no hint!


    • Dutch says:

      Hi Holger, We will do Bike Shed in Paris again next year, and we are also looking at Milan and Spain.

  24. HowardHughes says:

    Drove an MGB 235 miles to get to the show on the Saturday. Worth every minute.

  25. Ian Harrison says:

    It’s been 5 days. Anyone else still buzzing? 🙂

  26. bryan kerswill says:

    Too right Ian. Just been going over my photos…again….could do with a re-visit just to absorb some more….Dr Who where are you when I need you.

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