Auto Fabrica Type 6

Auto Fabrica Type 6 1 THUMB

This year has been a bit of a blur for those of us making the Bike Shed happen. With two major… »

Auto Fabrica Type 7A

Auto Fabrica Type 7A 1 THUMB

A few weeks ago Auto Fabrica’s Type 7 featured on these pages, a chance for the guys to work on a stock… »

Auto Fabrica Type 7

Auto Fabrica Type 7 THUMB

Some of us spent their youth elbow deep in grease, taking apart anything that was in some way held together. Usually… »

Auto Fabrica Type #2


Auto Fabrica, or ‘The Perfectionists’ as they are commonly referred to here in The Shed, are back with Type 2, another… »

Auto Fabrica Type #3b


No bones about it, Auto Fabrica’s SR250 based Type 3 was a stunner. The little beige beauty, for me, perfectly encapsulated… »

Auto Fabrica Type 4


If you follow the Bike Shed at all you’ll know that we’re big fans of Auto Fabrica. Bujar & Gaz are… »

Auto Fabrica Type 5

AutoFab Ben THUMB

At the BSMC II show in October last year Auto Fabrica were one of the builders who really stood out from… »

Auto Fabrica Type 3

AutoFabrica T3 THUMB

Da Vinci said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, or was it Auto Fabrica?  What started life as a standard SR250, Yamaha’s… »