Kevils R100 Anvil

Kevils Anvil 1 THUMB

A few of us sat outside a pub last night recounting tales from the weekend’s racing at Sideburn Magazine’s Dirt Quake… »

Rua Machines #6

Rua Machine CB360 1 THUMB

That’s it, I am moving to Portugal. We have for a while now been banging the drum proclaiming the glory of the… »

FUEL Motorcycles TRITEN

Fuel Triten 1 THUMB

For three days each year thousands of Triumph enthusiasts descend on a small village near Salzburg, Austria for the Tridays festival…. »

Jerikan Customs #12

Jerikan BMW R100 1 THUMB

Elegance, so often the preserve of a finely attired lady, is a quality that when suitably instilled into a machine can… »

White Collar Bike GSX 750 Sadewa

Ram Ram GSX 750 1 THUMB

After multiple projects for friends, clients and customers, Ram from White Collar Bikes finally decided to build a steed for himself. Plotting… »

Cafe Racer Dreams #64


Being a custom motorcycle aficionado immediately qualifies you as a nostalgic dreamer. We look back through rose-tinted spectacles at those simple, handsome machines… »

Lions Den Customs Cub 002

Lion's Den CubTwo 1 THUMB

Everyone remembers their first time, especially a young man. That slightly stale yet sweet smell of leather, the wood, the noise and… »