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Thread: Honda CG125 project

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    Recently got some small wire brushes from screwfix to help prepare hard to reach areas, and they have been a great help with the front wheel. It feels great how much quicker I was able to prepare the front wheel because ive had the experience with the back wheel, now ive just got to put a bit of kurust on and primer and colour spray it when ive got the tyre off and the weathers right.

    Before: Rusty but not as bad as the rear wheel was, and the hub has some over spray on it from when a previous owner did a terrible job of painting the forks without removing the front wheel or even masking it properly.

    Right half done. The new wire brushes make it much easier to do the spokes

    I also tried to take the forks out of the yokes so I can paint them properly and replace the seals, and as usual the Haynes manual made it seem like they were going to slip out no problem, but mine are firmly stuck in place. Ive left some penetrant/lubricant in the yoke clamps and I'm going to have another go with a suitably shaped drift and a hammer next time.

    The condition of the forks at the moment (I did have the frame the right way up when trying to remove them! )

    Cracked seal and oily fork, seems im going to have to learn to dismantle and reassemble forks now! All part of the learning experience...

    Also Kwame-Flip, the primer I use is Halfords High Build Primer, but I think any high build primer or filler primer meant for metals will work.

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    Havent been on for a while so heres a quick update:
    Managed to disassemble and reassemble my front forks (well, one of them because we couldn't get the damper rod allen bolt to stop spinning with the damper rod on the other one so we couldnt separate the stanchion from the lower leg, but I did empty the old oil, clean the spring and refill it with clean oil). The oil seal on the leg we did get apart was completely stuck to the lower leg, and it took a good few sessions and some forceful manoeuvres to get it out :')

    ^In the lower leg

    ^out of the lower leg

    ^Back together, and half way through paint stripping. Theyre now partly primed (thats another story) and waiting for better weather so i can finish them.

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    Good progress! I bet the ride will be 1000% better with fresh fork guts!
    Honda CBR600F-X (1999)
    Yamaha YBR125 (2005)

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    Been running around finishing my tech coursework and fending off mocks for exams next month, so not had much time for the bike. But now the GCSE year has broken up for study leave and all the a level projects are marked, the tech department is much quieter and the technician can help me do the welding.

    My tech project was a head torch for a mechanic (or bike builder working in a dark garage with no power after he gets home from school in the winter) can you see where I got my idea from :')

    Luckily I was able to model it on a Triumph Spitfire in the classic car workshop I help out at

    Anyway, since ive been on here last, I finished the painting and lacquering on all the main parts (wheels forks swingarm break pedal etc), and im really pleased with the results. Getting them powder coated would have given a better finish and been quicker, but ah well it was expensive.

    its come a long way!

    Ive also given some thought to the seat and battery box. Ive decided to put the battery, flasher relay and ignition switch in the battery box, and the CDI unit in a box in the seat (Im going for a thicker seat so there'll probably still be at least brat-style seats worth of foam between the CDI and the top of the seat haha). Heres a photo of the bike with the cardboard mockups on

    In school, I cut the battery box out of sheet steel then folded 3 sides by clamping it in a vice and realised that there was no way to fold the last side up...

    After a lot of thinking, I clamped a bar of scrap aluminium along the line I wanted to fold (the wood block is on top of the aluminium) and folded the last side round it using another bar

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    Looking good mate👍 Love the head band kinda star trek 😄

    Have you had any thoughts on battery placement?

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    haha that's the exact picture my teacher brought up when I chose that idea!
    And I'm just about to order this battery (http://bit.ly/1qJGk4v) as someone on this forum (forgotten his username) used it for his cg and fitted it nicely in a box with some other components

    Last week I decided to buy a frame hoop for £20 instead of spending half that on steel pipe and messing around with it till I screwed it up. I'm really glad I did as all I had to do was chop the excess metal off the hoop and shorten the frame till I got the right look, then hammer the inserts he included into the frame (really tight fit) then put a clamp round the hoop to push the ends together as I put it on (the diameter of the curve was about 1mm wider than the distance between the frame tubes). This was actually a great thing as the hoop stayed in exactly the right place, we had to use a hammer to get it on and off, so it made it really simple to weld.

    The metal extrusion lying by the back of the tank is what we're using to fabricate a bracket for the back of the tank to attach to. Hopefully we'll finish that tomorrow, theres not much time cos its the last day and prom on friday...

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    The pics aren't working for me but it's great to see (or not in this case) the progress.

    Am I reading the site wrong or is that battery indeed £10...? I bought a motobatt to replace my knackered old thing for about £35 so that sounds like a steal if it does indeed all work like a specific motorbike battery. Depending on the dimensions it may be better/easier to hide away too

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    Thats the thread I found the battery on, although after having another look he has an older cg than mine and says the headlight is powered by the generator so the battery only needs to power the running lights, and the indicators, brake light and horn occasionally. Not sure whether itll work for my 1999 cg with its extra electronics, but he says its fine for him after a few hundred miles so I think ill buy it at only a tenner (also ive made a box to fit it now so it better work *facepalm*)

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    I'll be interested to see how you get on with it then with the added headlight.

    I'd really like to know how he re-jetted his for the pod filter, that's a bit of a concern for me after reading that a lot of people can just never get the mixture spot on across all the jets.
    Are you keeping the airbox or going for a pod/foam filter?

    I'm also hoping the other CG builds on here will ditch the airbox so their threads will be useful on that hurdle

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    Watch this space...😄

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