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    Awesome, my eyes are already very much peeled on your thread so that'll be great to see

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    Yeah i'm going for an air ram filter I think, I dont want to have to make new side panels and find a way to graft the new battery onto the airbox. Plus i'm looking forward to selling the 2 airboxes that are lying around in the garage
    Fitting the carb and filter is going to come after I've finished all the welding, brought the bike home, put the wheels and stuff back on and painted and fitted the engine. I'm too exited about re-jetting haha I hope it goes smoothly.
    Another thing i'm not looking forward to is the seat. Ive already cut the seat pan out of sheet steel, and I plan on using rivets to secure the cover, but I don't know how i'm going to get the cover to fit (the idea is to make a brat style seat, but with a bit of extra thickness). If anyone has any experience it'd be great to hear

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    Have a look at my cj250 build mate if you need some ideas for the seat, I'm not saying that's the best way to do it but it was easy enough and I'm gonna be doing the brat style seat on the cg this week or next👍

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    I cannot help you out at all but I'm looking forward to doing the seat... Although, the things you've mentioned worrying about, I have zero idea how to do so my excitement is probably highly misplaced haha

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    Been off the forum for a while but ive got a lot done. I carried on working on the bike in school until it closed, then brought it home, then got really busy and went on holidays but now ive got a week and a bit completely free to crack on. Stuff i got done since my last update is...

    Made a new box that would fit the CDI in as well so it didn't have to go in the seat, and it turns out itll also make it easy to wire up as ill have the battery, ignition switch and CDI in one place. Had to rivet it together cos the welder ran out of gas.

    Of course I measured it wrong, so I had to bend the corners in and force it into place with ratchet straps haha

    Started electrolysis on the tank, which was pretty fun to set up. Its a great feeling pouring all the rust and stale petrol out!

    Made brackets for the indicators and break lights

    Powder coated the frame hoop and break light bracket (had to do that twice cos it spontaneously burst into flames the first time haha)

    So that means after dads friend comes round this weekend with his welder so I can weld the indicator brackets on, the frame mods will be completely done! I've just put the tyre on the front wheel and am about to put the forks, swing arm and rear shocks on. It'll be a roller by the end of next week hopefully!

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    Forgot to add that I cleaned and painted the engine with VHT paint (straight onto bare metal). Any ideas on curing it before it goes in the bike? Will a heat gun be enough? If I can cure it before it goes in it means it wont get scratched when it goes in and it doesn't have to sit in my damp garage before I can get the bike running.

    Yes its currently siting in my kitchen, and my parents are perfectly fine with it I swear

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    Can't help with your questions unfortunately but that's some really good progress, good job. And the electrolysis too, some people make it look so easy haha.

    Can I ask, did you get your rear hoop off ebay or make it yourself? I've recently had a failed attempt at bending one myself and I'm thinking about an ebay job but the steel on the ones I've found looks so thin...

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    More details on the electrolysis please - what conductor and electrolyte did you use? Looking great btw!!!

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    To cure BBQ paint on the exhaust I aimed my 500w work lamp at it, gets pretty hot close up.

    Self powdercoating looks fun haha!

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    Good work! Looking forward to seeing it standing on it's own two wheels!

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