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    Havent updated for a while, but im back home now for Christmas so I can start working on the bike again. Got it out today really doubting it would start but to my surprise after a few kicks it was running again. It was running for a good few minutes then when I went back into the garage the revs climbed on their own and then it cut out.
    I was thinking it could be because the fuel mixture is rich (as it only starts with no choke) and as the engine warms up it revs up and wants more air but im not able to open the choke any more. This could be why the carb is flooding and the engine cutting out, but im not convinced the engine will warm up that much that quickly in these december temperatures.

    These are some videos from September showing how it used to idle and cut out. I think the second one was from before I adjusted the idle throttle setting on the handlebars so it was idling too slowly and itd just splutter and cut out.

    Here's a nice photo from the summer before I left for uni

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    The bike seems to be running ok now! After getting the engine warmed up I can switch the choke to half then open without the engine stalling or going crazy, then it idles without any problems! Here's a video https://plus.google.com/108384338424...ts/2DY6j7NhBed

    Got the chain on and tight enough without the new fatter tire touching the swingarm at the front and got it ready to ride up the street for the first time since the start of the project, then as I took it off its stand to walk it down to the road the spring flew off. Absolutely classic. Unfortunately the stud its attached to has had part of the end sheared off and needs a little weld at the end to stop the spring coming off all the time.
    Ah well, I used my time to sort out a couple of problems with the running/break light wiring and to list all the stuff that needs doing before its MOTable which I can get back to when I'm back home in April

    Also quick question, do I need a speedo for the MOT, ive heard different things from different people. Would a GPS cycling speedo be ok?

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    Looking and sounding great

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    You don't need a speedo for the MOT as it's not something that's tested.

    Technically the tester should ignore the fact that you don't have one. However, some may take it upon themselves to refuse to pass you on the grounds that it's illegal to ride without one. Having no way of telling your speed is a criminal offence and will get you into a fair amount of trouble with the old bill. However, a GPS or a strap-on speedo from a bicycle will count.

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    Nice one. Really enjoying watching the vids. The bike looks ace!

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    Making progress now I'm back for Easter! Payed £13 for one drill bit to drill one hole to get the chain tensioner to fit onto the rear axle, but at least it worked. Then I had to make myself a spacer so it fit properly on the swingarm, but now the rear wheel is properly aligned and torqued up!

    Then I used some gun gum to seal up the exhaust with the new baffle in, which now sounds a lot healthier than when it was leaky and straight piped

    Finally I got some rubber bushings to fix the seat on properly (and stop the break light from shaking when the bikes running) and made a moto gp style bottom layer/ temporary seat out of a foam play mat haha. Looks a bit odd at the moment but I''l be adding more layers and covering it soon hopefully. Any tips on what to use as seat foam?


    that should be a video of the bike with the new exhaust sound (difficult to tell with my microphone) and temporary seat

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    There's really not much left to do on the bike now, but the stuff that needs doing is really holding it up. All i've got to do is cover the seat, mount the speedo (the bracket im making needs and 18mm hole which is a huge pain to drill), weld a washer on to the end of the stud that holds the centre stand spring in place, and get some new forks or get them repaired then I can test ride!

    The problem with getting new forks is honda oem ones that aren't bent, pitted or leaky are really hard to find on ebay, i've tried a pair of the Chinese copy forks they all sell and they didn't fit. I've also rung up pretty much every breakers in the north west and haven't had any luck. The next step is continuing to scour ebay or taking them to a place in Chorley who said they might be able to repair them. Does anyone know of anywhere that might have a pair or do a repair or know of any front end conversions that wont be to expensive? The problem with them is the wall of the rh lower leg where the fork seal sits has gouges in, so it would need to be honed out and have a bushing put in.

    In more positive news, here's the new cockpit (speedo coming soon)

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    If your fork legs are good apart from the gouges you could try filling them with metal putty such as JB Weld. You can sand and grind it down when set and it doesn't need to be perfect as the seal is rubber and can deform to fit slightly.

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    I wouldn't be as far on as I am with my project without the help of others so to continue that Shed tradition, I can help wth the 18mm hole, I have the bench drill, 18mm bit and cutting paste to do it for you, a am not far away (and travel to Bamber Bridge most says ) or I can loan you the drill bits and you can do it yourself, just PM me.

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    Isn't that a little dangerous? I could just imagine the oil all suddenly coming out as I was cornering! I know someone who filled his forks with slightly different amounts of oil and he came off on the first corner he went round.
    I am tempted to buy a pair of pitted forks or bent forks with decent lower legs and switch the lower legs with mine, but I'm not sure whether the fact they've had different amounts of wear will be a problem... At least it'll be the same with both legs.

    Thanks a lot cake face! I'll give you a message

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