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    Could you post a picture of the damage up so we can see what we're dealing with ?
    He may have put slightly different amounts in and he may have fallen off on the first corner but, were the two related or just a handy cover for being a knob ?

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    Haha good shout, I'll put some pics up when I get back from the lakes this weekend

    Update! Just checked ebay and found a pair of genuine honda cg125 forks for 98-00 models that aren't bent, leaking or pitted! For £65! Will be able to check if they fit at the start of next week, then its just fitting the speedo, covering the seat and taking it somewhere to get the centre stand welding sorted and its road test worthy... Then we'll see what problems that throws up

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    Hi-I'm doing up a CG125 too and have gone for megaphone and pod also and I desperately would like some help with jet sizes. What size jets did you settle on to get it running right

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    I'll be messing around with jet sizes when I get it on the road, which should hopefully be in the next couple of weeks. I changed the jets to get it running so long ago I've forgotten what I've got in at the moment tbh haha

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    Just spent about an hour writing a big post about all the progress I've made with my time off from my summer job before uni but when I posted it it said I had more than 10 images and the autosave didnt work...

    Basically I'm pretty much ready for a test ride now! Here's what the bike looks like now, hopefully ill get time to rewrite all the progress but I'm going to bed now

    Also a big thanks to Cakeface for drilling the awkward hole I needed in my speedo bracket! Its now securely mounted and the cables and wires all fit!! The needle even moves when you spin the front wheel aagh (It's taken a long time to get this stupidly sized speedo to work with my bike, at least it looks great)

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    You've mounted the speedo upside down....oh wait!!

    PS I know the feeling when a rambling post is lost....grrrr.

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    Haha thats why I got it, a bit different right - plus theres no point having a dial that goes up to 140mph on a cg125...

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    Quote Originally Posted by averagejoseph View Post
    Haha thats why I got it, a bit different right - plus theres no point having a dial that goes up to 140mph on a cg125...
    That speedo should read 'smiles per hour' speed is not an essential, yesterday on the DGR rideout we didn't go much above 30mph but my cheeks were hurting

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