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    Can't get enough of those CG125's??

    I hear what you're all asking... What's a lovely looking bike? What's a great bike to make into a cafe racer (somewhere like Indonesia say)? Hey.... you know what this forum needs? Yep, the answer to all those questions is CG125's. Lots of 'em. It makes perfect sense.

    Well, I'm a team player and, in the spirit of offering a little diversity to these pages, I present to you the beginnings of my build using the humble, and overwhelmingly average, CG125. This well rusty one in fact ....


    (Please ignore the silly woman in the window).

    I'm sure anyone with an ounce of previous motorcycle experience would have chosen to build a cafe racer from a CB750 or opted for a brat style SR500, but as I have only ridden a motorcycle twice, in order to get my CBT twice (so I could ride around on Lambrettas), and I'm not one for the well trodden path so I have opted to cut my teeth on the learner's staple.

    Having just turned forty (looks better as a word than in numerical form) I have spent over 24 of those years playing about with air-cooled VW's. Finally, after half my life cruising around in barely legal beetles, campers and fastbacks, I now own a bus that needs absolutely no work doing to it. In fact to attempt any work on it would, in effect, devalue it. After some research into the art of psychological persuasion, and lots of lengthy and extremely subtle suggestions, Mrs Fury eventually agreed (translate:caved in) to let me spend £250 of my own hard earned wedge on a bike to play about with, and so keeping me busy, or limiting the possibility of crazier ideas for my next mid-life crisis (my last middle-aged man meltdown involved me building a full-sized reggae sound system).

    And what a beauty! That moment in the Dorset rain when I saw the iron oxide hues of its rims or the numerous curves along the side of its tank, I knew we were meant to be together. I squeezed it in the back of my camper and drove the two hour return journey intoxicated by its petroly scent (leaking out of its tank all over the van's rock'n'roll bed).

    Needless to say, the minute I got it home, I immediately started the engine with a few kicks and checked everything was in full working order, and then stripped the buggery out of it.


    Since, that fateful day much has happened. I'm a dad for the second time, so working all hours god sends to keep the Fury ship afloat, but I have the princely sum of £50 a month to spend on cans of paint, mig wire or exhaust wrap and an hour or two in the week, during the dead of night, to bang, wrench and curse... and work on the bike too. For now I will hopefully leave you all wrapped in the grip of anticipation created by this over-the-top tone I've strangely adopted.
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    Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out! You weren't joking when you said yours what a bit wild round the edges, going to have to get a jumbo pack of elbow grease on that! We should do a CG125 comp on here!

    Congrats on becoming a dad for the second time!

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    Thanks Alex. It's definitely a wrong 'un. Not one you'd take home to show your mother.

    Judging by the droopy rear indicator, big dent in the tank, oh and a crack in the headlight, I'd say it's shamefully suffered some form of impact on its left side. Having stripped it down, I was left with two piles of parts... the good stuff that I don't plan on using, and the rusty banged up crap that I now have to make good.

    If you have any spare elbow grease left after sorting out your header pipe let me know!

    Forgot to say, I'm up for a CG125 comp.... just as long as the closing date isn't anytime soon, say 2017?

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    Looking forward to following this one! Congratulations on becoming a dad for a second time, plenty to keep you occupied there before even looking at the bike.

    I've done my fair bit on various VWs in the past including a full resto of a 1303 Beetle many years ago, after that I vowed never to buy a rusty car again! We just have a T4 camper now, nice and reliable and no rust (yet)

    Bikes are so much nicer to work on!

    Good luck with the project

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    You're not far wrong. Babies and rusty vehicles occupy a lot of my time. As much as I love baby number 2, I will be seeing the doctor to make sure I don't end up with any more. Unfortunately he can't do anything about the rust buckets. There's no snip to stop me buying knackered old bangers.

    When I was in my early twenties my old man tried to lure me away to the watercooled side with a test drive of a few MK1 Golf GTi's. It was a blast but ended up with a slammed '59 beetle with no heating and useless windscreen wipers. Currently I own a '57 splittie. It's as good as it can get... But still has no heating and useless windscreen wipers. I wouldn't have it any other way

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    It occurs to me that this thread has a distinct lack of evidence of an actual build. I will attempt to remedy that.

    There are a few bikes and builders that I enjoy and appreciate, and as much as I love the low stance of a Seaweed & Gravel build, it may not be the right aesthetic for my puny 125cc. CMBL's Beach Hopper, Salty's CB250 and, more recently, the CG125 from Pride Motors all have elements I'd like to incorporate. Having said that, the biggest factors for my build are the compromises required to make it practical, and what I salvage from the crap I've been given to keep my spending down.

    It was obvious early on that the colour black would feature quite heavily, not a style choice but a repercussion of having so much corroded chrome. There won't be much of the shiny stuff by the finish. With that in mind I wanted to make the tank stand out. For financial reasons I have opted to keep the original tank. I don't mind it to be honest. If you really squint your eyes you'd be forgiven for seeing similarities to a BMW R100 tank. Think CRD #51. And I do mean REALLY squint. Okay, not buying it. What about something like Ad-Hoc's XJ650? Nope. Okay I'll leave it there.

    Having sold a bicycle from my collection to buy a new Bosch angle grinder, I was desperate to try it out on something. Whilst I was happily running it over my tank, I noticed how brown its insides were, so I put the angle grinder down and googled 'rust removal'.


    I can't tell you how great it feels to hook a tank up to a battery charger and watch all those charged ions fizzing around. Who knows how much time I've spent battling against the dark brown evil? I'm sure we did electrolysis at school, but it took youtube to make me understand how to apply it. I recommend everyone to give it a go.

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    Looks like it's coming along nicely!

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting my engine off, I've got all the bolts off but at the bottom rear it seems to be stuck on something, did you come across anything with yours or was it easy?

    I'm a big fan of pride motors cg, I asked them what tyres they've got on it but they haven't responded which is frustrating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexrhysking View Post
    at the bottom rear it seems to be stuck on something, did you come across anything with yours or was it easy?
    De ja vu. I remember it being very stubborn where the bottom rear bolt was located. If my memory serves me, I can remember giving up halfway and consulting the Haynes manual to see if I was missing something. In the end I recall giving it a good wiggle with a very long screwdriver and crowbar, and it reluctantly did what it was told and freed up

    I'd like to know what tyres they used to. If you ever find out please let me know!

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    I have literally just done the same! I really didn't want to use a crowbar but it was necessary that thing was a bugger!

    I'll try my hardest to squeeze it out of them!

    I like the effect the angle grinder gives on the bare metal - these guys have done it looks awesome! Will be cool to see what yours will look like after you've done it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexrhysking View Post
    Will be cool to see what yours will look like after you've done it
    I'm afraid it didn't quite work out like that. My first intention was to take it back to bare metal and leave a lot of the parts rusty and ratty. One bike I felt had got the balance right was the CJ360 Bratrat from 86 Motorcycles.


    However, when I got it back to bare metal it failed to impress me. Maybe it was to angled and bulky? Maybe it was all the little dents and pitted patches. I decided to not to go the rat look path (my van is a ratty splittie with loads of fake patina, so I wanted something different and decided on either red or yellow for the tank. I liked this one....


    I got the old VW paint codes out and chose L21E Signal orange. It is both red and yellow? I used Spraymax 2K cellulose primer, then some high build primer to smoothen it out, and then Spraymax 2K paint for the basecoat. This is where I am now with it...

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