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    sorry mate. Weekends are a bit of a no no for me, not living in london.

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    Well i'm going to arrange a ride out one Sunday in the coming weeks when the weather is nice and sunny!
    Up the A10 to Cambridge and back...
    I'm in Enfield Area, so A10 enfield - Cambridge with various stops for tea and biscuits and detours to join up with others, The A10 is a lovely countryside ride and Cambridge is only about 50 miles, Cambridge is nice and it's time it saw some proper bikes. So Who's up for something like this ??? If you are reply to the "A10 blast" thread or if you've any ideas of detours etc...

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    I'll be there. Keep an eye out for woden hoodie 😂👍

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    Bit dead on 'ere innit!

    This Sunday 7th May late bikeshed breakfast and motogp

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    Ey up! I'm riding down to the BikeShed from North Yorkshire tomorrow, if anybody's off down or would like to join me for the ride out please let me know!

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    Totally impromptu visit but I'm sat in the lounge if anyone else is here?

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