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    Yamaha RD125LC - Brat Build

    I am dragging my brothers old Yamaha RD125LC out of storage with the intention of stripping of its 80's sportiness and giving it a brat style conversion.

    (Example image of base bike)

    Unlike the original 70's Yamaha this model is likely to have a more sporty frame and comes with upside down forks.

    Can any of the knowledgable members on here give me an idea of the potential issues and limitations faced with changing a bike like this into a cafe racer/ brat ?

    There does not seem to be a great deal of builds from the Yamaha RD125 so it is hard to find examples that I can follow, although I like the challenge of doing something new.

    Yamaha RD125lc 82.jpg

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    Sounds like you have a good project on your hands....not many strokers around these days.

    I'd begin with the basics:
    Get it running
    Replace enough to set it started
    Ride it

    You're best off having a relatively firm idea of what you want to achieve/end up with in terms of style and functionality and the engineering to achieve that will follow. Plan what you can keep and reuse and what you defo want to change for either looks or function.

    If the bike pictured is it then you'll be wanting to change the tank/seat/rearlight along with indicators/guards/headlight for a start as well as tyres perhaps. Other Yam model parts can transfer like tanks etc, seats are usually scratch built or bought in, the rest is up to you as it'll be mainly bolt on parts and cleaning/painting/replacing.

    Swingarm looks tight to chunky tyres could be a non starter, although wheels could work on a cafe style but if you're tall rear sets would have to be found.

    Interested to see what direction your decide, hope my waffling helps some?

    Cheers Colin

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    All good advice from hondabrat !

    Mitas H-03 tyres may fit the bill - not too chunky or tall !

    Really like the idea of a brat style LC !

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    That's great advice, lots of stuff to consider.

    I will post updates of my progress as the build goes along.