Thread: Ducati 749 Tracker / Brat

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    Ducati 749 Tracker / Brat


    So it began again....................

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    coming along nicely!!
    If you don't learn from your mistakes then they are just mistakes

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    It's not minimalist, there's a transparent frame. Very high tech

    Always loved that Duke, be interesting to see what you make of it!

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    I think you used to much camo paint 😂

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    God i've missed the wit and banter on here
    Lets switch the high tech electronic camo off..............whoosh

    Now we can see it best crack on


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    Mocking up, the easy bit


    Bar mounts came out pretty good, think the nuts underneath might just catch frame on full lock. Could go for half nuts or just extend lock stops will see when I get it off stand

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    This project seems to be getting put together quite well mate! Cant wait to see this beast in action! Do share some pictures and videos.

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    Easy start when you've been collecting parts for over a year

    Now the real work starts

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