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    Loved the show. Re the thread above, how do the shed builds go about getting a bike at the show? Just email the organisers?

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    Damn, don't think I actually managed to meet any of you (??) at the show. Must admit, I didn't spend too long around my own bike as there were far too many amazing builds around.

    motobob - That's what I did, alternatively there was an online application form for shed builds to fill in and then get selected from.

    Here's a few of the pics of mine from the show. I'll put a few more in my build thread when I get around to it.

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    I'm sure I would have met you if you had a bike on display. I was on the bike wrangling crew and moved most of the shed builds.

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    Damn, would have been nice to properly meet you and put a face to the name. Still, maybe next time.

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    Well next year my CB will be finished and hopefully there, for sure......absolutely......

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    hahaha look forward to seeing it. maybe.

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