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    Repackaging the electrics on a cg125

    This has been time consuming but I'm happy with the result. I had to move things like the coil, rectifier, flasher relay and cdi box to get them all under the tank. I used bits of the old brackets and welded them into their new positions. Lots of gaffs tape, tank on and off, adjusting positions etc. Bought a gel type lead acid battery that I can lay flat and welded a tray under the seat. All fits in tidy, only wires showing are from the rear brake switch and electronic ignition.




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    Looks very neat & tidy !

    However, I'm also looking at the Puch Maxi moped in the background with the expansion chamber & need to know more ! ! !

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    Ha, yep that's a Puch Maxi with a 70cc kit on it, just converted it to a kickstart. Getting popular in the states but still cheap over here, good fun to work on too.

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    That all looks very neat, Matt. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

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    That looks really neat good job. I might need some help with my wiring on my CG125. I want to change the headlight to a £15 one with integrated indicators, do I need to make any adjustments or is it a simple unplug and plug in the new one

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    Very nice, mat_ryal. A little more detail on the headlight might be helpful, custom_moto.
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