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    FOR SALE: Custom Leather Brat/Chopper/Bobber seat

    Hello Bike Shed people!

    I work with leather as a hobby and I currently have a Custom Leather Brat/Chopper/Bobber seat for sale.

    It was one of those long "on the side" projects and as I completely failed at building my own bike before it was finished it is now for sale.

    Seat is build out of high quality vegetable tanned leather (same kind that you would use for horse saddles) at 2.5-3mm thickness. It has been hand tooled and finished with Fiebings antique dye. Seat has been laced together in a nice and simple cross-hatch way. It has been oiled and waxed with Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner (magic stuff). It will age beautifully.

    It can be mounted by 4 bolts, standard spacing (exact measurement can be given to the interested person, but hey, you are building a custom, so it shouldn't matter, right?).

    This is a completely one of, hand made from scratch item. There's no other one like this, period.
    I've spent countless hours making it and it breaks my heart looking at it not being used.

    I thought that I will post it here before listing it on Etsy/eBay as I would prefer to actually see where it ended up and get some feedback from the new owner.

    Any questions & having a look (SW13 London) are welcome.

    Offers in excess of £200 please (I'm probably paying myself around £1 per hour here...)
    I'll leave it here for a week and see what happens, it will be available on Etsy afterwards but at different price reflecting the amount of work put in. Like I said, I would prefer someone from Bike Shed getting it.

    You can catch me via email: [email protected] or phone: 07545278899
    FB page: www.facebook.com/lostsoulcustoms.co.uk

    Thanks for looking!


    It goes without saying that I am opened to any other leather craft orders. Just drop me a line/give me a call and let me know what you have in mind.

    Here are pictures of the seat:


    And the "making of" time span:


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    Hmmmm, 3 posts in 18 months, all trying to sell something.
    Not really the done thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedog59 View Post
    Hmmmm, 3 posts in 18 months, all trying to sell something.
    Not really the done thing.
    Not sure what you have in mind but you have a good day sir.

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    Forums are about conversation and help, it's a two way thing, you put in ,you take out.
    In my opinion, just coming on to try to sell stuff is not in the spirit of a forum community.
    Nice to see you have managed 1 non-selling post.
    And a spiffing day to you good Sir.

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    To be fair: this IS the for Sale and Wanted section and not a lot of people advertise their skills here that could help out others (if you don't want to go to an expensive pro)....

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    A very fair point but I do think only posting about something you want to sell is a bit "off". It undermines the ethos of a forum. Maybe we could have an "open" for sale section for people who only want to advertise their stuff and a "closed" one where only members with X amount of posts can sell ?
    A forum will only ever be the product of it's members and those that arrive, try to sell, leave will never sustain it. A difficult conundrum,you don't want to block people ( they may get more involved ) but you don't need hordes of "1 post" "members".