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    Honda cbx750f cafe racer first build

    Hello, my name is Merrick I'm a South African living in Norway. I'm attempting my first big build.

    Before I get my head bitten off for stripping the bike and having everything in boxes let me give you the back story first. My friend bought the cbx750f a few years back with the intention of doing a brat conversion. This never happened and he wasn't able to get started. He bought a new bike and lost interest, so I was able to take the bike off his hands 😊. Although dismantled it seems in really good nick with some wear to the plastics. The engine seems to be good, it was running and in daily use before he took it apart, I haven't heard it run so his word is all i have to go on(which I believe wholeheartedly).

    I've spent a lot of time on bikes and have always serviced my own- I'm no master mechanic though. I intend to do this on a budget too.

    My intention is to convert it into a Cafe Racer without doing too many modifications. I have a few questions about the order of business though. My plan: (please edit and correct steps) I've cleaned the carbs and they look in good condition, I haven't adjusted them. Front forks and rear mono are good so I'm going to keep them as they are with a touch of paint. I like the shape of the original tank so I'm going to keep that too, however I do need to do something about the brackets for the fairings. I need to strip the paint- do I have to have it sandblasted or can I use a paintstripper and some fine grit sandpaper instead? There's no rust on the bike so I don't think it needs sandblasting? Any ideas on how to fill in the grooves where the brackets are? I was thinking of using a body filler and a mold to get the shape right, good idea?

    For the purpose of getting it through the test I need to keep the original pipes on. I like the four into two setup it had however I would like it to be shorter so it's more slimlined. I won't do this personally but can I have them shortened without having to buy a whole new set?

    The airfilter box has a hole in it but the actual filter is nice and clean and looks in good condition too. I know all the downsides to changing to cone filters but I would like to do it anyway - with a set of k&m's. (I know this is noob thing to do and I will get a lot of crit for this) but, if I do and readjust the carbs and have it dyno tuned I should be okay right?

    Also, initially I had planned to have the frame first cut and the u-bar welded on (by an authorized EU approved mechanic)? Then have it sandblasted and powder coated- I don't think this is necessary though as there is no rust and I can clean it up and prima it before painting myself. My question on this is a bit being a fool to skip these steps?

    Any help, comments, recommendations and criticism would be much appreciated. I'll add some pics as I go.

    Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you

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    Hi Merrick
    Sounds like a plan.
    Assuming you carefully remove the brackets, just as carefully grind back the welds, and then (carefully) finish with a flap wheel, you shouldn't have to use any filler.
    Filler would also be a problem if you are getting the frame powder coated (which I would strongly recommend, as it's quite cheap, looks good and is very durable) as the filler wouldn't stand the heat involved with the powder coating process. I've heard of folks using JB Weld as a filler - which will stand the heat - but I've never tried it and I bet it's a proper ball-ache to sand.
    Also on the powder coating thing, save yourself the effort and unpleasantness of trying to strip paint with (quite nasty chemicals (the ones that work, anyway)) and elbow grease. Drop the dollar (not much) and get your powder coater to blast the frame.
    Finally, it'd be good to follow your progress on the forum. Please feel free to start a thread in the build section.
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    What he say....

    Welcome, and yes, start a build thread.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll keep you posted and upload pics as I go

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    How do I upload pictures?

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    Pretty simple, on here. Click the 'Insert Images' icon, select 'From Computer', and browse for your image.
    But note that - after the first image - it automatically switches to 'From URL' so you need to switch back to 'From Computer'. Confusingly, the greyed out option is the 'live' one. Oh, and, from memory, you can only upload 5 images at a time.
    Did I say it was simple?
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