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    Frame Cutting

    Good morning, community. I'm looking for some advice, on frame cutting. After exploring endless pages on the web, still I don't understand regulations, completely says-
    "Your vehicle must have 8 or more points from the table below if you want to keep the original registration number. 5 of these points must come from having the original or new and unmodified chassis, monocoque body shell or frame."
    I'm planing to remove the exhaust bracket and extensions for the rear fender/seat in the back. No structural areas will be touched.
    Will it cause issues, if parts of the frame, marked blue on the picture, are removed?
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    You'll be fine with that, you've not altered any steering or suspension mounts.

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    Thanks a lot, for reply. Angle grinder action today, then

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    Yeah, that's all good.

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    Removed, what is not needed

    Current look
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