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    Another CG125 build!

    First motorbike build, have done a few mopeds. Fairly pleased with the result.

    Things I've learned:

    1. Plan before you start cutting! I think I whent a bit too short, leaving me with not a lot of room for rear mudgaurd, light & number plate.

    2. White tanks are a bitch. Trying to get a decent finish was hard, paint resistant lacquer tends to yellow.

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    Not too shabby at all. Looks good.

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    Yeah, that's pretty sweet. Love the simple colour scheme.

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    I'm surprised how good the stock(?) tank looks

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    Cheers, yep the tank is from a Yamaha 125, not exactly sure what model. It was the offset fuel cap that did it for me 🙂

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    Looks really classy mate, lov'in it. the white piping on the seat is a nice touch with the white tank. looks like mr.Honda done it himself. well done. 10/10

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    hey, did you get the seat off of the internet? curious as to how seats from aliexpress fit

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    That's really nice well done. Out of interest what jet sizes did you use to go with the pod to get it running right as I'm doing one at the minute

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    Nice bike, simple and effective......I'd be looking to shorten the muffler/exhaust pipe
    so it doesn't protrude further than the rear wheel axle....but that's just me.