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    Tumbler or Ultrasonic?


    For cleaning general use grime off of small parts, up to rearset size, would you suggest a tumbler or an Ultrasonic cleaner? I can hand clean but the left over parts in the small details are a pig. I guess a parts washer with a brush may work as well, but not for corrosion and surface rust.

    Any thoughts? Cheers.

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    I would go for an ultrasonic as you can clean carbs, engine parts, switchgear, calipers etc etc where you need them spotless without damaging the surface and use a wire brush on an electric drill for removing surface rust and corrosion on items you're going to paint.

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    Definitely ultrasonic.

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    Thanks. I'll buy the parts washer also. I'll end up getting the tumbler at some point I imagine for dustier items. Anyone got any suggestions on the medium?

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    I use WURTH carb cleaner, WURTH brake cleaner and a bench wirewheel to clean up most items. I'd love to use an day maybe?