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    Ignition Coil smoking

    Hi guys,

    I've been wiring my first new loom on my CG125 using the Motogadget M-Unit and yesterday I was testing the lights etc and the ignition coil started smoking.

    I didn't have a ground for the wiring at the time which I know is probably the problem but I just wanted to get another opinion, my coil only has one wire coming from it which I have directly wired to the AUX output on the M-Unit (image below of the coil).


    If anyone has used this same coil with the M-Unit and have a different wire setup please let me know, am I missing a relay or something, I'm not sure, I am a complete beginner but other than the coil everything else looks perfect and I'm chuffed with the m-unit.

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    I have my own woes with trying to wire my first Motogadget unit on my Honda cb 550 bobber.

    However, and following the mantra, "a little knowledge is dangerous " but with the aim of helping, are you using the motogadget unit with the M lock ?

    Should the aux out not be going direct to the starter motor? Unless you are a kick only?

    I know there are other dudes on here currently/previously fitted motor gadget units who can probably offer more advice.

    But I do know smoking is not a good sign.
    Good luck

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    Sorry I should of added more info it's kick start only and it doesn't have the m-lock.

    I was getting too excited and jumping straight into testing the lights horn etc. The unit is currently placed in a cardboard mockup box under the seat whilst I've got a welder making the real deal, that's why it wasn't properly grounded.

    I'm going to turn on the electrics whilst properly ground tomorrow and that should narrow the cause.


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    Sounds like you'll be needing this:

    But seriously, shouldn't that wire be connected to the contact breaker - rather than hard wired to power?
    I think you'll find that this is your problem, and the reason your coil overheated and released the special smoke. Time for a new coil, methinks.
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