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    Drilling Handlebars

    I have just bought Renthal bars and have Motone switches. I want the button cables to go through the bar on each side and meet at the bottom, how many holes can you drill without making it too weak? And how big?

    I've seen a lot of bikes with hidden cables but I like to get opinions from you guys as I'm still learning

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    In case it isn't obvious, the exit hole in the middle is of little consequence as the bars are supported by the handle bar clamps.
    And, in general (presuming you mean the Motone single button switches) a few properly spaced 12mm holes, at the controls ends of the bars will be fine.
    PS (presuming you mean the Motone single button switches) in their pictures, they don't seem to show a saddle to conform with the radius of the bar - which seems a bit shite.
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    I've used the Motone switches (one dual and one triple) and drilled 8mm hole for the wiring at the control ends of the bars and a 20mm x 8mm slot in the middle of the bars (between the bar clamps) with no ill effects. I've got aluminium drag bars.
    Chico is right, the single button switches don't come with any sort of saddle to fit the radius of any handlebars so would therefore only work with some sort of flat switch plate.
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