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    CG125 blowing all its bulbs!

    Hi guys,

    I have an early 6v Honda CG125. Im currently running it without a battery to keep it minimalistic so the headlights and horn are a bit rubbish until youre up to speed of course!

    For some reason it keeps blowing the bulbs, as in headlight, speedo light, rear light. They work fine on idle but as soon as you get up to a decent speed or rev it they blow.

    Its annoying because my speedo is an aftermarket sealed unit and I cant change the bulb

    Any ideas what the cause could be before i go ordering parts blindly? Will removing the battery have caused an issue? I was thinking not, but my wiring knowledge is pretty limited to be honest. I know theres a resistor jobby under the headlight and a voltage regulator/rectifier. To me it seems like the charging system is overpowering the bulbs, genius arent I haha.

    Any help really appreciated
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    Sounds like a regulator/rectifier fault to me. Pop into Maplins (B&Q, Screwfix etc) get yourself a cheapish Multimeter, and find out.
    It'll be cheaper than buying a new regulator/rectifier and you'll find a zillion jobs to do with it.
    It seems your lights are powered directly from the alternator and that the (ballast) resistor is the only regulating component between your alternator and your lights. So maybe the resistor is open circuit (or, tits up, as it's known).
    Still buy yourself a Multimeter though.
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    I'd put the battery back in, you can get really small ones that you can mount at any angle if you're bothered about it.
    They do act as a voltage stabiliser in the system.

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    Does it kill the indicator bulbs as well?
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    hey, i would say its the resistor, mounted across the front forks, below the headlight, make sure its in good shape, you can test it with the multimeter, also make sure the bolts are earthed to the frame. i think there are other hacks to limit voltage when you go batteryless

    i imagine the indicators dont work then with no battery? nor the horn really?