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    Front brake switch

    Hiya! First post for me but plenty of lurking so far staring at all the tiny details on everyone's builds! I'm getting near the end of my first build - an '83(?) Honda CG125.

    I was planning to re-use the existing clutch and brake lever assemblies as they include switches and buttons, however they don't look all that flash and it would be good to swap them out for a better looking combo. I've got an el cheapo switch set for lights, indicators and horn which looks ok.

    However, i'm struggling to find a brake / clutch lever set with perches that include a switch on the brake lever. I have a front drum brake and the OEM lever has a small switch to light the brake lamp when the lever is moved. I can find plenty of switches online that are a different style to the one I have but can't find any levers that they might mount on to...

    Anyone had any experience with this? Cheers!

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    someone knocked my bike over and it busted the metal brake lever holder, i searched for the exact piece, but had to settle for a pattern part that doesnt have the brake light switch in it. i have the foot pedal brake light though

    recently i thought you could probably drill out the space for it in that piece if you really need to, dont know though.

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    eBay have them. Search for
    Royal Enfield new black brake and clutch lever assembly.
    These are what I am planning on buying for my Cd125t build. For drum brake bikes and Looks like the brake lever has brake light switch. Check it suits yours first. If you get them put on here if you think they are good... good luck chum....

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    You can get an inline brake switch that is operated by the cable:
    And here's the rubber cover for it:
    Here's a complete brake cable assembly:
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