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    Honda Transalp project


    My 1987 Transalp 600 project is nearing completion.

    We have gone from this

    orig ebay ad_57.jpg

    to this


    then this




    then after getting the wheels, frame, yoke, swingarm, side stand and some other bits powder coated, spraying the engine matt black, getting the seat recovered and stripping and lacquering the tank we are at this...


    Im quite happy so far. Just a few little things which are bugging me, but I am keen to get it back on the road and drive it a round a bit.

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    Very nice. I do like the bare tank. Are you going to de-lug it?

    Maybe shorten the mudguard bit....

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    I wish I had 'de-lugged' the tank. I think that will go on the winter to do list.

    I was going to see if I can find another front mudguard but maybe I could try cutting the existing one down first and see how that looks

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    Well just been out for the first test drive. 100 yds up the road and it conked out. Wheeled it back doing the walk of shame.

    It had run out of petrol!!!!

    Topped it up and went round the block - all seems ok ish. A bit lacking in power, it never really had that much but I am sure its less than before.

    Still we are heading in the right direction and the wheels didn't fall off!

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    That's looking OK. The tank looks like it could be edged in black to subtly change the shape and make it blend in a bit more.

    The seat is crying out to be shortened and the rear guard set to suit the seat.

    Other than those points I reckon it looks tidy

    PS: Oh, and running out of fuel on your maiden run........stand in the corner and think about what you've done haha!