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    Honda CG125 help needed

    Hi all-I've just got my CG125 and it needs a new rear tyre as it's punctured

    My question is, how easy is it to change it myself and do it at home? I've never had to change a motorcycle tyre before so I'm unsure as to how hard it is

    Also, my rear brake pedal goes down but doesn't feel like it's actually initiating the drum brake, any idea what that could be

    Thanks all

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    tyre changing is just a big version of a pushbike tyre, you'll need a couple of tyre levers and a bit of tyre soap would be handy (try your local tyre place, you only need a tiny amount). The rear brake, have you checked the condition of the rear shoes and is the actuating arm on the hub on the right spline ?

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    Thanks for the response. I'll have a look at the arm and see if it's on properly. I've been at work all day and not had chance to take a look but gonna have a good inspect later. By being on the right spline, what does that mean exactly. Pardon my ignorance I'm new to this

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    If you remove the brake back plate from the hub and view it from the brake shoe side the arm should be in about the 5 O'clock position when the moving cam the shoes sit on is horizontal. It should be easier to understand when you have the parts in front of you rather than explain. I would suggest ( and this is for all that are new to bike mechanics), buy a manual to help you understand how they work.

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    Thanks for the response-I'm going to have a look today providing the weather stays nice and see if I can fix it. Thanks again

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    I would echo getting a manual for the cost of a tenner off ebay, even if you do bike mechanics a lot, its good reference. Prefer manufacturers to Haynes as I don't like having to work out how to use a manual to work out how to solve a problem....

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