Thread: El solitario... what's the deal?!

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    El solitario... what's the deal?!

    Am I the only one that really can't get my head around why El Solitario bikes are so liked? I really can't see the attraction? Maybe I'm missing something but some look like they've ridden through a pile of scrap and half of it has stuck?

    Saying that I saw a group of guys, all on hardtail harley engined bikes when I was in S. France in the summer and one of them had an El Solitario patch. They where all quite cool but not the typical style.

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    Looks like they're riding the new hipster wave...eye watering pricing on clothing....I'm out.

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    Seems to be the way forward lately, get a name for yourself then charge extortionate amounts for stuff and people will pay so they can show off. Shame.
    I just don't know how they got the initial coverage?!