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    Advice needed Suzuki van van 125cc Custom

    Dear all,

    I am new here but I’ve been advised you guys would be the amazing source of knowledge I so desperately need

    Also I am not sure I'm posting to the right place in the forum, if not, I am very sorry :/

    I am French btw so please excuse my English and my lack of technical vocabulary when it comes to bikes.

    I recently bought a super cute Suzuki Van van 125cc ( picture attached). It works perfectly and I am super happy with it.

    My goal was always to do a bit of custom work on it. Now that I’ve found the perfect source bike I can think of the next step.

    As for now I don’t have an extensive budget, I will do it pieces by pieces, bits by bits.

    The second picture is the phase 1 I would like to achieve. From what I can see, the changes are minimal and that’s deffo the look I would like to achieve for a “minimal price” before undergoing later maybe different / more expensive changes.
    Van van custom.jpg

    My questions to you guys are:

    - From what I can see, the seat, exhaust, mud guards, handlebar (mirrors, indicators) have been changed ( I would like to put dirt tyres as well but this can deffo wait). Is there anything else you can spot or you know for sure? Do you think the tank needs to be moved closer to the axis as well?

    - How much do you think the mods would cost?

    - Do you know any garage or anyone who would do it ?

    - I can probably undergo some of the change myself but I am not sure about the exhaust. How tricky is it to change? Does it requires welding or just 2 old school screws?

    -I am very aware this is just a 125cc and it would never roar like the big guns out there BUT, would some exhaust make it sound a bit less soulless? (This factory exhaust is a nightmare to the EAR and to the EYE) Any recommendations?

    In any case, a big thank you to you all for helping me and my little bike.

    I’m a sucker for Scramblers, and I dream to turn it into one. The final look i'd like to achieve or get close to is this: 4f2554be22b21c41967da517859874d1.jpg

    But for now the black one would be a perfect start.

    Thanks a lot!


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    First off Louis, your English is
    A. A lot better than lot of people to whom it is their first language.
    B. Far better than my French, I can just about order 2 beers and a packet of Alka seltzer in French.

    If you can find an exhaust like the one in Pic 2 that is made for a Van Van then it is a simple job to swap them over, if not, then you are looking at making one or getting one made. Making one is often cheaper but harder, getting one made is easy but expensive. I'd find out who made that bike and ask them. The other items are not that hard to do but I would say, do your research before buying bits such as handlebars, is there enough slack in the cables and wiring to reach to where the controls will now be ? Is there enough space for a wider tyre ? etc etc.
    If you're unsure of your mechanic skills get yourself a manual for the bike and maybe a good general " How to do motorcycle mechanics" book and read them while looking at your bike.
    The next thing you need is ...... a comfy chair, time spent looking at a bike you're going to modify is never wasted because you can work out and solve a lot of things beforehand rather than jump in and regret.
    Above all, take your time and plan, know exactly what you want to achieve and ask questions when you don't know. If you can get chance to look at modified bikes in the flesh, do it and look past the paint and chrome to see how other people have solved problems (you'll soon spot the good and bad ones).
    Cost ? How long is a piece of string ?
    If you get stuck or don't know how/what to do, find a man/woman who can and ask them how ( No such thing as a daft question and if they treat you like an idiot their advice is probably not worth listening to ).
    Have fun and enjoy creating "your" bike.*

    *Between the times you want to smash it into a million pieces, burn it then fire the ashes into deepest space.

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    Bonjour allsta88 & welcome !

    To start off have a look at exhaust pipes for a Suzuki GS125 as they look quite similar to the one in pic 2.