hi everyone, so motorbikes and me go back to when i was a 4 i learnt to ride on a 50cc and as i grew so did my my bikes and my love for them. i love me some 2strokes and the last bike i had was a bitsa, it was a yamaha frame honda forks and wheels some no name parts and what engine took pride of place..... a cr500...

yeah that bike was so much fun to ridewhen your 20 and invincable...... by fun i mean terrifying and ultimately lead to my having a rather nice ride in a ambulance and a "lovely" stay in hostpital, that was 6 years ago and i have only been on 50cc-125cc bikes since due to back pain and needing a light bike with electric start, but now im almost back to "normal" and wanting to make my own cool retro looking learner bikes.

need to get my big bike licence next but saving for my hgv licence first

well i could go on forever but im going to cut it short hear

thanks guys.