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    hi everyone, so motorbikes and me go back to when i was a 4 i learnt to ride on a 50cc and as i grew so did my my bikes and my love for them. i love me some 2strokes and the last bike i had was a bitsa, it was a yamaha frame honda forks and wheels some no name parts and what engine took pride of place..... a cr500...

    yeah that bike was so much fun to ridewhen your 20 and invincable...... by fun i mean terrifying and ultimately lead to my having a rather nice ride in a ambulance and a "lovely" stay in hostpital, that was 6 years ago and i have only been on 50cc-125cc bikes since due to back pain and needing a light bike with electric start, but now im almost back to "normal" and wanting to make my own cool retro looking learner bikes.

    need to get my big bike licence next but saving for my hgv licence first

    well i could go on forever but im going to cut it short hear

    thanks guys.

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    Sam from London - CG125 :)

    Hi I'm Sam from Finsbury Park, London. Currently muddling my way through (yet another) 1994 cg125 BR-K build. It's my first bike and its just beginning to dawn on me (and my girlfriend!) what a long road im in for! Luckily i love a good tinker in the shed

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    Hi Sam.

    Nothing wrong with a simple CG. There's a reason you see a load of them on here.

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    i'm Joe from Kent (uk)
    i'm currently rebuilding a honda XL 250 to a flat tracker style but as it can in 12 boxes and not all the parts are not for this bike its taken years and there is always that bit that just holds me up.(having kids hasn't helped)

    i know what a pain in the backside it is to trying to get bits done/made whilst working in your garage or shed so i have also just purchased a CNC lathe and a mill to help me out and hopefully others
    so if anybody is looking for some parts to be made or modified just message me with drawing/sketch, material and i will give you a price with shipping.

    i have been building bits and bobs for friends cars/hot rods and custom bikes and for about 8 years now (on the side at work) but now i have decided to try going alone.
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    Hi Joe,
    Welcome and good luck with your new venture. I'm sure a lot of guys here will keep you busy(ish)
    If you don't learn from your mistakes then they are just mistakes

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    thank you mhbsmark.
    managed to collect the 1.2 ton lathe yesterday, 400mile round trip in a land rover with trailer was a massive pain in the BACKSIDE!! so i do hope it was worth the all the aching today.

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    Hi lads and lasses, my names Lee from north east/ co.durham area. Currently riding a husqvarna fc350 and have a Yamaha RD350 getting stripped down right now..possible cafe racer project not sure yet.

    Recently decided to quit my job to open up a spray painting/ powder coating/ servicing garage in my area, anyone from the northeast or close by keep in touch! Is there a a place I can post a survey link (10 questions) to get opinions from everyone regarding the shop?


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    A CNC lathe and mill. Awesome. Well jealous.

    Good luck with the new venture, Lee.

    Good to see some fresh faces in these parts.

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    About me

    My name is Lesa from the Netherlands and the owner of BikeBrewers.com. This site is all about custom motorcycles with a focus on cafe racers, scramblers, bratstyle & classic custom bikes. My main goal is to give you a view on the great world around custom bikes and their builders (I call them “Brewers” ) and inspire you to make one your own (at a certain day) or just enjoy watching bikes. So I feed you with awesome designs, great stories and handy how-to’s to get inspired for your own project .
    Best Regards,
    Lesa J. churchill

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    Hello, mu name is Ricardo Machado I'm from northern Portugal, my first project was a CB500 four from 1973, at the moment I'm working on a TRX850 from 2001, I want to do something different, but it's going very slowly.

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