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    We Just Create a new Platform for Motorcycle Lovers. Where You Can Post Your Custom and Dream Motorcycle's video and picture. Please Visit the Platform And Give Feedback and Suggestions.


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    Hi. I too am from West London, Hanwell. I am sometimes found around the Ace Cafe

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    Thanks for the add,

    Realising that if I waited until I have the time to build a bike, instead of my normal car / truck builds, it may never happen. I took the leap of faith and bought a couple of toys from a family friend who is sadly inable to work on them anymore. So, to date, I have a 1939 Royal Enfield 350, a 1956 New Hudson Autocycle and my '52 Ford F1 and '51 Chevy Suburban.

    I did say that now was not a good time to go out and buy more stuff, didnt I.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBlue View Post
    I'm Richard and I've been riding for the last 38 years.

    I live in Rotherhithe and currently own the two bikes in my signature: a 2002 Kawasaki ZRX1200R and a 2013 Triumph Sprint GT. The former is probably the one you'll see me on at the Bike Shed and the latter is the one I use for Eurothrashes.

    I blog about all sorts of crap related to my bikes and cars and I like to take photos of naked and nearly naked women...
    where you in rotherhithe mate?
    i am berm roth border just off jamaica road

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