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Thread: Honda CBX550 - Brat on a budget!

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    Turned out really nice mate. God I love the CBX wheels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by green199 View Post
    Turned out really nice mate. God I love the CBX wheels.
    Thank you greenie. The CBX front brakes were my inspiration for the overall style of an old Brit trials/scrambler as they resemble TLS vented drums.

    My next project will have spoked or alloy wheels??

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    I've ordered the tank decals.....

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    Good day today, fettling the CBX for the Bikeshed event.

    Lowered the headlight 40-50mm, looks much better and ready for the next feature...

    Adjusted the clutch, changes are snappier now and it picks up much faster....nice.

    Fitted the side panel number roundel and decal today, turned out OK I think.

    Anyone offer any advice on getting overtight spark plugs undone/out please? Run some PlusGas over them, but not happy with the way they feel when I give it some force. Might run the engine up to warm and try again.
    Thanks for checking in.

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    That's all I would suggest. The ali block might expand just enough to give you a hand. Looking good though.

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