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    After seeing dutch on the motorcycle show useing the words "built not bought" it struck a cord with me maybe thats whats been missing from my motorcyling world! I have been rideing bikes for a while now and every time i got one i could not resist the urge to modify it in some way but was never satisfied. so a few hints to the mrs and she bought me this red rusty and stinking of stale petrol cj 250t for £137 as my chrismas present......and so the strip down and rebuild begins

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    Wow Pete, that's a proper basket case, is it a runner?
    That will certainly keep you busy in your man-cave for a while

    Best of luck

    Stay lucky


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    nice build, love the fork gaiters wish i thought of that, nice touch

    CJ250T = most popular donor bike at moment :-)

    ps. see you still have not got to grips with posting pics !!!!!!!

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    oh balls i give up done to the letter what you said and im on my laptop doing this and it just comes out as lettes and numbers! i give up

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    Cheers cappo Your a legend

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    You're welcome. Nice build, btw!

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    Hey Nice bike!

    Is it two stroke or four?

    Wich rear shocks did you use?


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    Hi ya its a four stroke mate and the rear shocksc are of a honda cl350

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    To be honest, I think the more of a basket case a bike is, the better. Within reason, of course.

    It seems a shame to cut up a perfectly good stock example of something. It may be more of a pertinent issue with older classics (people bobbing a mint condition '60s Bonneville for example). But I think if you have the required skill set then rescuing a bike that otherwise would likely end up being split for spares at best, is the way to go.

    Good work, Mrs Petezz!

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    Really depends on which model

    the cj is not a desirable model, and restoration costs out weigh the final value, so the only way forward for the cj is cafe :-)

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