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    On and off for about a year, (and trying to fit it in with my uni studies) I have been working on a 72-73 Honda CB250.

    This was done on a very small student budget, hence why nothing is perfect...which makes it perfect in my eyes!

    Bit ratty when I first got her.....

    So I made her more ratty to start...

    Got annoyed by this, so I decided to start again and clean her up nice....

    Put a guide-coat on for bodywork...

    Then got the paint done (rattle canned by myself)...

    Thinking about a full fairing! :P ....

    Currently undergoing an engine rebuild with 1mm overbore....

    Sorry for all the pictures.....I have HUNDREDS more to be honest! So any questions, ask away!

    - Charlie.

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    Excellent work Charlie! That looks fantastic.

    The paint came out very nicely. That's the thing I'm worried most about that's coming up soon on mine. Did you wet sand it at all or is that straight from the can?

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    Lovely job. with a bit of effort you can get a proper nice finish with a can.

    i really like that fairing too.

    much better than the 'patina' look as well.

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    Cheers guys!

    Brunel - That is the paint straight from the can. I didn't want it too glossy, so bought some satin petrol resistant lacquer from halfords. If I decide to get some shine to it, i'll do some sanding and some more clear coats I think.

    If you take your time with it, rattle can paint can look amazing! I was just impatient haha

    Greenhorn - Thanks, I think eventually I will redo the paint properly, but keep the same pattern and colours.

    The fairing will be going on eventually, after a few modifications so I can fit a nice bubble screen.

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    think you have done a great job, and should be proud

    lose more weight and ditch the starter motor

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    Thanks very much! Starter is gone....Its just the hollowed out case at the minute. The plan was to find a small enough battery and put it in there in order to keep the weight in to the centre point of the bike, as opposed to up high in the tail...Just cant find one the right size and in budget yet!

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    The contrast of the fairing and the rest of the paintwork is brill. How did you do the striping?

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    The stripng was pinstripe tape I bought from ebay....went on pretty easily, though it is having a hard time staying put....think I need to try and bury it in clear-coat.

    The fairing will be painted to match if I ever get round to installing it!

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    Top job a proper shed build well done chap

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    would you consider selling the fairing ? if so i would be interested

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