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    That's a very nice build you've done with some neat little details like the fuel filter mounts. A credit to you Sir.
    With regard to stainless bolts, I've used them on caliper mounts and engine bolts and never had a problem or heard of anybody actually having one fail.

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    I don't think it counts as a build if you actually manage to stick to your timeframe! haha

    Thanks bluedog59!

    I guess from real world examples there aren't many known failures, but from the engineering side the inclusion of a SS bolt doesn't rival the specs of the high-tensile bolts used from the factory. I may end up using them if I can't find some other suitable bolts!

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    that's a very nice bike indeed.

    Chico is the man to ask about bolt strengths and the like.

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    How did you find setting up the carbs with those tasty stacks? I'm planning something vary similar on my 'Dream.

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    Cheers. Still got a few wiring bits to sort before i'm into the break-in procedure so no proper running as of yet. I think I've gone 1 up on mains and maybe 1 on slow-jet too, but am expecting to need to play around quite a bit!

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    Well, went back home and to the bike at Christmas to try and finish the last few little jobs. Modified and painted the fairing brackets, made some new speedo and rev counter mounts, and I fabricated a rear brake bell crank from a stock lever.

    Still got a few little wiring niggles to sort as its just dropped spark on one cylinder, but all fabrication and tangible work is done! IMG_3831.jpgIMG_3829.jpgIMG_3818.jpgIMG_3807.jpgIMG_3822.jpg

    As you can tell, I've been running it from a temporary tank previously. I didn't want to discolour the filters and fuel hose before pictures! hahaha

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    I bow to green199's actual qualifications, in this respect, but everything on Slo Poke, including the rear axle, is stainless (316, in the case of the rear axle) - and Slo Poke is a rigid so the rear axle takes a fair pounding.
    But if you want the look of stainless but with higher yield strengths, high tensile bolts and electroless nickel plating are the way to go.
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    Wow that's a great looking bike! Even more impressive with the student timetable, im having to say goodbye to the bike this weekend for 11 weeks when I move back in

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    Thanks averagejoseph, its a pain not being able to bring it to Uni with you. Even if you can, you can't make a lot of progress during the week because of work and other commitments. Sure adds a few months/years to the build process!

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    Currently been voted the BOTM for, which got me featured on the banner on the website, and the old Honda is currently gracing the frontpage of too!

    One slight problem however, is that my front master has started leaking slightly and I am struggling to find a rebuild kit for it. I know Honda shared a lot of parts between models but I can't source the part number for this master cylinder to find what bikes it was shared on.

    Anyone know a source for a rebuild kit for a CB250/350 k4 model? If I can't get anything locally (UK) then I may have to change the master cylinder :/

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