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    Well there I was on Saturday, keeping an eye on a few watched items on eBay. And I accidentally bought a bike. Opps.

    Its a 1980 CB250 which I got for £381. It looks in pretty good nick apart from a broken clutch lever and left indicator where it fell off it's stand. Usual levels of tarnishing and rust you'd expect from a 34 year old commuter.

    Not entirely sure what the plan is yet. I'll probably take a bit of time looking over what other people have done and pull together a few of my favourite features. I do like the look of the RS125 USD forks that Old Empire did on the Vulcan bike so a set of those may well fine their way on.

    apart from that, I'll go to a couple of auto jumbles and see what interesting bits and pieces I can pick up.

    This is certainly not going to be a particularly quick build as I have also been roped into building new bathroom units and a Walnut bed by the Missus. And I can't see her being too happy if I get nuts deep in degreaser before they're finished. But I'll certainly start taking it apart and maybe start collecting new bits and bobs.

    Collecting next weekend when I'll post a few more pics.

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    Nothing beats a gold ol' Ebay impulse buy. I'm pretty sure I had this bike on my watch list. It'll be interesting to see what you do to it.

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    Sweet! She doesn't look too bad as a starting point! Ill be watching this!

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    That looks ripe for tearing into

    I've got about 4 sets of RS125 forks knocking about the garage if you would like a set? I won about 8 pairs for 99p from someone retiring from the Supeteen championship last year. No yokes but if a pair is of any use you can have them. I've not had a chance to assess their well being but they would fine for mockup at least.

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    Hi Brunel, I'd be interested in a set of those, I was looking for some on ebay the other day, but resisted the temptation.

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    Cheers Isumbard (or is that Mark?), I'd love a set.

    I was planning on getting a set of yokes machined up anyway, so a lack of them isn't really an issue.

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    Cool, I do pop up to Flitwick every so often. If you're not in a huge hurry I can let you know next time I'm up that way. Else I'm in the Harrow area.

    Carlo - sure thing. I'll get them out the garage when I get home and find the best sets. Where abouts are you?

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    Cheers Brunel, I'm in Hertford.

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    Ok, cool. Well I'm in the Harrow area, so happy to post out at cost or you can collect. If I use Hermes it would likely be about £8. Or if I'm up that way I'll let you know.

    Whatever works

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    Brunel, I would also be interested in a set of them if they are much would you take for a set?

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