Thread: my new 1980 CB250 (build thread)

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    That's such a cool little setup!

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    Cheers. All painted now as well. Hopefully I'll get it on the bike and take a few shots this evening.

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    As promised.


    I'm particularly chuffed with the little pivot.

    And it's almost entirely hidden with the tank on.

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    Good day Mr Horn! How's this going?

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    ahhhhhhh, well.

    It's taken a bit of a back seat, as you may have guessed. Unfortunately starting up a new business is taking rather lot of my time (and a LOT of space in the garage). What with that and the seemingly constant struggle to keep the Ducati properly maintained, the little time I have that didn't involve small people pretty much gets used up.

    I do feel bad about it though, and I can't walk (squeeze) past the CB without feeling it's accusing gaze on me.

    But this is temporary. and it will get done. Mrs Greenhorn is probably going up to see her folks during the summer hols, so I may take a couple of days off and see if I can make some progress.

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