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    Just what a choice of machines, i thought we could have a forum vote of bike of show, the choice is immense and i would vote (and want) at least a dozen of the beauties, but my vote (maybe bias as i am currently doing a c90) goes to the deus replica c90, show us your bike of the show

     photo photo211_zps211a1e88.jpg

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    I've not got a picture handy, but for sheer engineering, the Lamb Norton was my bike of the show.

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    This for me it just works o every level

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    For me it was the orange 900 Ducati by redmax

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    This little fella. Subtle and perfectly executed, a credit to the builder.

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    plus 1 on that 'figaro'

    That little 125 'Brat' was perfectly portrayed. Attention to detail superb, - Clean , precise - perfect.

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    +1 on Lambs Cafe Rouge, lookin good now he's ditched the clear acrylic tank & seat. His 'Son of a Gun' goldie is still hard to beat though

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    Plus another on that 125.... The little end cap on the exhaust, the horn tucked under the seat, lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I also liked the Motopunks CB.... Again great attention to detail and beautifully executed.

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    Great weekend guys..keep up the good work. We came up from Southend from Kursaal
    Klassics and Kustoms to see the Bikeshed first hand..we weren't disappointed

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