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    Recently (a few months ago) bought a superdream for £431 off fleabay, this thread is a bit of a kick up the arse! What process did you use to strip and paint the tank? Also how did you get bottom black line right? (going for a similar hiding the ugly bottom section with black)

    Thanks, Nic

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    Hello! Long time no post....sorry. Took a corporate job in the middle of last year so I can't spend all day on the internet anymore Rest assured I've been lurking away.

    So I took the bike out a couple of times in the spring and came to the realisation that I hate how it rides; it's not comfortable and handles pretty vaguely. The clip-ons are ridiculous and my back hurts; I'm too old for this shit. Also the lithium ballistic battery has given up the ghost so I've reverted to good old acid.

    Here's where we are at the moment.


    I ordered a bunch of parts to hopefully make the ride more comfortable and make me want to actually ride it. There's also some fabrication to do to mount the clocks and gauges. Watch this space!

    Also booked it in for a rolling road and tune over at Steve Jordan's in Bookham, Surrey next month. The tuning has never been right and it runs out of puff at about 60.

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    Nice bike, I'm impressed of what you done with the CB250N

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    it might be cripplingly uncomfortable and handle like a barge, but it looks awesome.

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    Haha, cheers gents.

    Got the Renthal ultra low bars on it yesterday and I must say it feels really nice; I'm quite liking the new look.



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    Looks good Matt.
    I bet its like riding on your favourite old armchair now?
    You just need a cigar and a large single malt to complete the transformation.
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    Nah the seat's still rock hard so my arse will hurt still

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattg View Post
    Nah the seat's still rock hard so my arse will hurt still
    Talk to the Good Father, Rev. Higgypop.

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    Will he make it better? (the seat that is)

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    he makes everything better.

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