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    pip davidson

    Just what a choice of machines, i thought we could have a forum vote of bike of show, the choice is immense and i would vote (and want) at least a dozen of the beauties, but my vote (maybe bias as i am currently doing a c90) goes to the deus replica c90, show us your bike of the show

     photo photo211_zps211a1e88.jpg

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    I’ve not got a picture handy, but for sheer engineering, the Lamb Norton was my bike of the show.



    This for me it just works o every level



    For me it was the orange 900 Ducati by redmax



    This little fella. Subtle and perfectly executed, a credit to the builder.



    plus 1 on that ‘figaro’

    That little 125 ‘Brat’ was perfectly portrayed. Attention to detail superb, – Clean , precise – perfect. :)



    +1 on Lambs Cafe Rouge, lookin good now he’s ditched the clear acrylic tank & seat. His ‘Son of a Gun’ goldie is still hard to beat though



    Plus another on that 125…. The little end cap on the exhaust, the horn tucked under the seat, lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I also liked the Motopunks CB…. Again great attention to detail and beautifully executed.


    pip davidson

    the exhaust was surly exquisite

     photo photo110_zps78a18693.jpg


    Kev R

    Great weekend guys..keep up the good work. We came up from Southend from Kursaal
    Klassics and Kustoms to see the Bikeshed first hand..we weren’t disappointed


    James Mc

    I really loved the little bikes actually, that 125 above along with the CMBL and Deus Surfboard carriers.

    So, so difficult to pin down a favourite, the usual suspects all produced outstanding work, as did many shed guys (the line between Pros and Sheds is very blurry!)

    But the two biggest pleasant surprises for me were the KTM Bobber

    and the Mokka bike.

    Still sorting through my photos, didn’t get as many as I hoped as I was so darn busy! :D



    The Mokka was really pro finished… Real quality, but I have to say the KTM was a real feast! Spanners welded on the frame and even used on the paddock stand!

    I was surprised to see so many bikes wearing Heidenau K60s… I put these on my Tenere for my Morocco trip this month! Saying that they wear really well, and having worn the chicken strips down to just a few mm on the rear whilst navigating the twisties in Spain, they stick really well too! Good chunky looks but better for the road and last longer than TKCs.

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    I might be a little bias (as I’m building a Z400) but oily rags little green Zed was well cute. Shame the builder hadn’t sorted the motor out as well.



    Tough choice. So many really good bikes.

    That KTM bobber was awesome but I think my favourite (another member swayed by his own build) was the pale green and cream Super Dream. Sorry, no pics. Forgot my camera.



    the best bike was the redmax flat tracker by a country mile.

    the best paint was the absolutely stunning old orange BMW also by a country mile.

    I have started to load my photos onto my site here if you want to look

    I wrote this on facebook I think you will see what I mean when you compare photos from various people lol

    [“Photography at motorcycle shows” i can now predict which things will be photographed and in which manner.
    i was telling someone about this on Saturday and i was right, it means i have to try even harder to find something different or at least take the same photo to a higher standard.]


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