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“The right crowd, and no crowding” (Brooklands Automobile Racing Club 1913)

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is a full-time space dedicated to celebrating motorcycle culture in unique surroundings that provide great hospitality, good company and is open to all, on two wheels, or on foot. Join us in taking advantage of over 10,000 square feet of amazing space in Central London, open seven days a week from 8am till 11pm. If you’ve been to one of our events or exhibitions in London or Paris you already know what to expect – the BSMC in Shoreditch is simply more of the same, but every day.

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If you want to come to the Bike Shed in the evenings, becoming a member is not a requirement, it’s simply an option for those who want to be part of a club vibe, enjoy members events, and support what we have built. If it’s not for you, that’s cool with us and we will welcome you anyway.


BSMC Membership has real benefits:

For members, there are discounts in the restaurant and in the shop, which at Gold & Silver levels can add up to real savings with 10-20% off your bills in the club and shop. We discount over £6,000 a month to our members. There’s also free entry to our big-ticket events and more – which you can read about later…

…However there are more important benefits from BSMC membership.

Firstly – membership means belonging. Club visitors are surrounded by like-minded, loyal visitors who feel like this is their club. And it is. Friendships are made, adventures are planned, and the vibe here is like few other places in London, never mind in the biking world.

The member’s vibe and community of regulars also affects the staff. They are not simply serving customers, they are taking care of members; – loyal stakeholders who return much more often than customers do in other types of venue. This gives our team a sense of pride and demands higher levels of service. Also, many of our staff know most of our members names, and visa versa.

Not only are you joining like-mined people who appreciate the same things that you do, our membership rules allow us to turn away late night drinkers who are just looking for the next bar to get drunk in. Keeping these casual drinkers away makes a nicer place for you and your guests. We get less trouble (in fact, we get none) because there is a nicer atmosphere of mutual respect between all our customers.

Finally, Membership is a stake in the Bike Shed. The BSMC was founded by 31 private stakeholders, and almost all are biker riders who come to the club regularly. There’s no clever investment plan or money-making scheme, we all just wanted this place to exist. These Founder Members started something special, so in joining them as members, you are helping the club to exist at all, through your loyalty and companionship, as well as supporting us financially. The membership is what defines us.

…We are truly grateful to all of you.

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Find us HERE at 384 Old Street, Shoreditch, London, EC1V 9LT.

Explore the venue in 3D

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The details…


As well as supporting us, and being apart of an exclusive club, Bike Shed membership has real benefits saving enough to quickly repay the membership fees to anyone who is a regular visitor or shopper – and if you join before the end of 2016 we will freeze your annual Gold or Silver premium for life. Membership might also makes great Christmas present.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS – £250 per year or £22 a month

– Post 8pm entry, plus up to 4 guests, consuming alcohol without needing to order food.
– FREE ENTRY + 1 to all Bike Shed Shows (including the Friday Preview to London 2017).
– 10% Discount on selected Brands, in-store.
– 20% Off Bike Shed & Shed Built Merchandise, in-store.
– 20% Off Restaurant/cafe bills from Monday to Friday. *Please check further details below.

Note: Store & Restaurant discounts are for the Bill Payer only. 

*NEW – GOLD MEMBERS Overnight Bike Parking
As a special thank you to our Gold Members, we are now offering occasional Free overnight Motorcycle Parking for those of you who come to the club for a drink and want to leave your bike overnight.

There are strict conditions:
Firstly, we won’t always have availability, so please check in advance, or better still; book it.
You must let the duty Manager know your intention to park before you get too drunk to ride home (just in case we can’t accommodate you).
Parking is only for Gold Members who are dining/drinking at the Bike Shed on the same evening.
This offer is for overnight parking only, not a daytime offer.
Bikes must be collected before midday the next day – and we’ll need your keys and mobile number. Bikes are left at the owner’s risk.
This new benefit is a trial and may not be a permanent offer.
Other conditions may be applied on application.

SILVER MEMBERSHIP – £125 per year or £12 a month

– Post 8pm entry, plus up to 4 guests, consuming alcohol without needing to order food.
– 20% Off Bike Shed & Shed Built Merchandise, in-store.
– 20% Off Restaurant/cafe bills from Monday to Friday. *Please check further details below.

Note: Store & Restaurant discounts are for the Bill Payer only. 

– (Overseas Silver/Standard Membership is £50, but you have to prove residence).

*Details on Gold & Silver Restaurant Discounts

For clarity; our 20% member’s discount for food & drink from Monday to Friday covers the member’s bill only, (i.e what the member is paying for directly), across a single table, accommodating up to 6 people (our largest standard table/booth).
i.e. with large multi-table bookings, the discount only applies to the member’s bill including up to five others, six people in total.

LONDON MEMBERSHIP £50 per year – or £5 a month
(New membership level for locals)

– Post 8pm entry, plus up to 4 guests, consuming alcohol without needing to order food.
– Good company away from the usual Shoreditch chaos.

More benefits are coming soon, including member’s-only merchandise and special preview offers on new and rare premium branded items. Watch this space for more.

Additional Member Benefits:


Albion Motorcycle Holidays in Mallorca

Fancy some riding in the sun? Members get 10% off bookings with Albion Motorcycles Mallorca, Europe’s best Classic Bike touring holiday outfit.

Albion and the BikeShed worked together since the early days, so BikeShed is very pleased to provide our members with an introduction to the amazing riding available in Mallorca only a 2 hour flight away from London. Albion provides original bikes from BMW, BSA, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Triumph and Vincent; breathtaking roads; mouthwatering local cuisine and passionate enthusiasm. Check them out HERE.

Mention promotion code BS01 on the booking form, and quote your Bike Shed Membership Number to claim your discount.

Newsletters & Communication

To help you keep up with what’s on or new member benefits your application should automatically subscribe to our irregular newsletter. If you don’t get one, check your spam. Alternatively there is a Member’s Facebook Group (apply to join and we’ll approve you) and you can follow our main Facebook page HERE and our venue Facebook Venue page HERE.

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The BSMC’s new headquarters includes a café, restaurant, shop, gallery, bike showroom and event space, with barbershop, pop-up retail, brands and whatever cool stuff we can squeeze in, all centered around bikes and bike culture.

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The Shop… Open late on Thursday night (Club nights) along with Live Music.

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As well as making you part of something unique, becoming a member means you’ll be first to know whenever we do something new, run an event or exhibition, or have news to share, but it’s also a way of supporting us.

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The food is also superb – well, we think so anyway.

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Consumption of Alcohol at the Bike Shed After 8pm

All are welcome at the Bike Shed – you don’t need to be a members to enjoy the club, shop, galleries or the restaurant, however, when it comes to drinking, the Bike Shed operates a Restaurant type of license after 8pm, so after that time casual visitors can’t come in for just a beer unless they order some food too.

However, registered club members and their guests can come for an alcoholic drink without the need to order any food, and can treat the venue more like a club bar (although it’s still a waitress-to-table service)…

This the of license restriction is pretty common in many areas of London and is seen as an inconvenience, but the advantage is that it makes the BSMC a proper club where we can choose to keep out the general Shoreditch massive, who would probably sit on the bikes and vomit on your redwings, and you can be sure you’re sharing space with like minded people that we’ve vetted on your behalf.


The Bike Shed is NOT JUST FOR MEMBERS. Non-members are always welcome all day and in the evening, but remember you can’t buy an alcoholic drink unless you are dining (eating hot food) or you are with a member and are signed-in.

  • Members can bring up to 4 non-member guests, who must be signed-in.
  • Diners can come to the club for a proper meal, booked or walk-in, and consume alcohol at their table, even if they are not members.
  • What you can’t do if you’re not a member, guest or diner, is walk-in and buy an alcoholic drinker after 8pm – however on busy days & nights we will prioritise members.


While you don’t have to be a die-hard biker, or even have a bike license, the Bike Shed membership is primarily for like-minded people and petrolheads who appreciate two-wheeled culture, so if we are oversubscribed we will favour applications from people that ride, or have a genuine interest in bikes.

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Apply For Membership Here

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After you fill out the application form (via the link above), create a username and password, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select your membership tier and decide whether to pay annually or to subscribe to a rolling monthly payment. Next is the payment Gateway Page.

After you’ve gone through the payment successfully you are technically pre-approved and paid up. We will make a final manual check within a couple of days and assign you a card number which you can collect on your first visit to the club.

If there were any issues with your application you will be contacted and refunded within a week.


We do read every application, and each is manually approved. This can take a couple of days. We will normally need a minimum of 48 hours to process your membership and assign a card number.


As we all know, rules are for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools, but regardless, we would like all club members and visitors to adhere to these guiding principles:

We expect the same gentlemanly behaviour we get at all our meets and events, so the club is not a place to show of your stunting skills, or how loud your new exhaust pipe is. It’s also not a place for stag parties or binge-drinking nights out with the lads. We have residential neighbours and are in a high pressure area for public nuisance and disorder, so it’s up to us to show that bikers are a cool but considerate community. If you wanna rev hard, showboat your skills or demonstrate how long you you can hold it on the back wheel that’s up to you, but please do it somewhere else. If you think this is naff or lame, please don’t join. If you get us in trouble with neighbours or the law we’ll have to ask you to leave the club.

What you Ride – or not…
We don’t care what you ride or if you even ride a motorcycle at all. Aficionados are expected, but newbies, wannabes and bike fans are equally welcome to be part of what we do.

We have parking for around 25-30 bikes on our own private road on a first-come first served basis. Parking is for customers for the day. We cannot keep your bike overnight – or while you go to work all day. Please don’t chain your bike up. On super-busy days we can clear and open a whole arch to accommodate another 80 bikes, but this won’t be the norm. There is also lots of bike parking on Hoxton Square and outside the Shoreditch Town Hall next door, plus we’ve applied for a new Motorcycle Parking Bay nearby.

Drinking & Riding
Please don’t drink and ride, and don’t assume you can leave your bike with us overnight. We’re not a bike park for the drunk, disorderly and disorganised. It’s fine to come on the tube or by cab and enjoy the hospitality in full.



Terms & Conditions
Making an application for membership is not a guarantee of joining the club.
The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, at the discretion of the club management. Reasons may or may not be given.
The membership list will be decided and managed by the Bike Shed crew and is not open for discussion.
Refunds will be at the discretion of the management.
Membership prices are annual and may vary in future.
Membership Payments must be made in advance of membership being approved, which will take at least 48 hours from application.
Membership cards can be collected from the club on your first visit or sent by post.
Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Ltd
Registered Address: 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BN
Postal Address: 384 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT
Company Number 8808183
Tel: 0207 613 5131
Email: [email protected]