There’s nothing we love more than getting a great looking bike in our email inbox, and whether you’re a fulltime Pro-builder, up-and coming New Talent, Semi-pro or Shed builder, we need the same resources to write a good feature story, so please read this before you send us your ramblings:

Unfortunately we cannot feature all the Bikes we are sent. We get at least Five Bike Submissions every day – but we can only feature One.

Each week we select the Best Bikes, with the Best Photos and the Best Story.

If you do not hear from us withing two weeks then we probably couldn’t feature your bike this time – but to have the best chance of getting a feature, please follow these guidelines on photos and story info…

We reject 80% of submissions because of poor quality photos or not enough info to write a feature. Some of them are lovely bikes.

“People prefer great shots of an average bike to crap shots of a great bike. That’s just the way it is…

BACKGROUND: Find a neutral background that doesn’t break up the lines of the bike.

AVOID (Unless you are a pro): Wide angle lenses, green grass, red brick, trees and hedges, strong light and dark shadows, your neighbor’s fence/car/caravan, your own shadow.

INCLUDE: Both sides of the bike, front & back, 3/4 angles, all from a distance. Then add close-ups of clocks, logos, etc.

Your Bike Sample

SPACE: Leave space around the bike in your photos, as we may crop the pics to work better in online templates like Facebook or Twitter.


FRAMING & FORMAT: Please shoot in landscape. Portrait pics will be mostly cut in half on a landscape screen.

QUALITY & LIGHT: We’d like to see some of the detail on your build, so don’t get too creative with dark rooms, high grain or soft focus, unless you know what you’re doing and we can still see the bike.


ANGLES – Cover ALL the angles. Our readers want to see both sides, front & back. Shoot from a low crouch.

THESE PHOTOS (and below) are perfect – Taken by an amateur. All you need is a good location, good light and a decent camera with a zoom lens, shot from low, covering all the angles…

Photo Samples for Your Bike on The Shed

SIZING & SENDING YOUR PHOTOS: We need 5-10 good quality images at 1400 pixels wide minimum.


Shots can be atmospheric and creative, and taken by the road using your iPhone, but make sure we can see the bike too. But if you want to get serious there’s a great How-To Photograph your bike on Bike EXIF.

What’s with all the Graffiti? We know you guys are street cool, but graffiti walls just hide the bike and break up all the lines. This one just about gets away with it… but…

Grafitti Bike

PLEASE DON’T EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS & INFO. Send by WeTransfer. It’s free, easy and you don’t have to register.


Send your WeTransfer message to [email protected]

“Great photos are always worth a quick look, but it’s a great story that will inspire people to sit up and take notice, or bother to click LIKE or add a comment”

Tell us the human story as well as the story of the bike and build assuming the reader knows nothing, even if you’ve been featured before:


  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do?
  • Are you a pro/amateur/semi-pro/new-kid-on-the-block?
  • What inspired you to start building bikes/this bike?
  • How do we describe you? David, Big Dave, Davo, Dave-The-Bike, DaveMoto?
  • Who else worked with you, are you a one-man operation or a team/group/mates, etc.


  • What’s the donor bike, make, model, year?
  • Where did it come from? Interesting find, or customer bike, ebay?
  • What was your vision/design/plan/brief?
  • What did you do to the bike – just the basics; but tell us all the cool stuff, clever ideas and upgrades?
  • If you’ve upgraded parts like the wheels, lighting, gauges, brakes, suspension, exhaust, etc, what make did you choose and where from, or what was the donor bike?
  • Any interesting challenges or mistakes?
  • Any unique signature features?
  • How would you describe the bike now? Brat/Cafe/Bobber/Scrambler/Tracker/Hyrbrid/Bratster/CafeBrat/Woteva?
  • Tell us about the finish, logos, design?
  • How does the bike ride?
  • Are you happy? Is the customer happy?
  • What will you do next?


If you message us on Facebook as BIG DAVE, then email us your story from D’s-MOTOS, and then send pics by WeTransfer from your girlfriend’s E-mail account, we will definitely lose track of your story. Please help us join the dots by referencing your previous communication every time you get in touch.


We have now reached a point where we can’t feature every bike that is sent in. It’s mostly because we get too many bikes submitted every day, and there’s not enough of us to edit all the pics, write the copy and post up 5+ stories a day. But – The easier you make it for us, the faster we can write your story and the quicker it will get online.

We do always have a serious backlog, and we do sometimes have to prioritize regular contributors when they have a major press release, so, apologies in advance, but we will try to reply to everyone and we don’t mind being chased-up and reminded.

Now, get inspired by these Shed Builds – with simple, clean photography… More like this, please.


Brandon’s Doris

Erik's R90 1

Erick’s R90

Exesor 13x

Christian’s ExesoR

Heru's R100 6

Heru’s R100 Brat

Gunnar's z750 5

Gunnar’s Zed 750

StrayDog Main 2

Alan’s Stray Dog

Ian Solly BMW 1

Ian Solley’s BMW

Andys SC1000 RsideFA 800

Andy’s Ducati Cafe

DucatiBoy’s CB350

Sylvain's HDCR 1

Sylvain’s Harley Cafe Racer

Ian's GT1000 Right Side 2

Ian’s Ducati Cafe Racer

Tim’s CB750

Wolfgang’s Duc

Andrew’s Honda Dommie

Jon’s CB360

Pete AKA Cutter’s Chicken Shack Ducati

Bob’s Kz650

So, what are you waiting for? Go borrow your mate’s posh camera, take some pics, and send them via WeTransfer to us at [email protected] along with an email with enough information for us to write a great story about you and your bike.



    hi, im david from AD HOC CR. i wanna send you pictures & info about my bikes

    thanks so much !!!

  2. Jeff Wolf

    Just found your site and love it…


    Jeff Wolf

    • Dutch

      Glad you found us Jeff. There are a coupla hundred features to read if you browse by the categories or builders. Enjoy.

      • the don

        hi dutch i know this is gaining ground re the shed and i think the space you have gained allows you to consider another option which needs to be dealt with!
        Hard copy!
        i have grown up with a certain h/copy that has sustained us all
        the shed can build with all of you blokes at shoreditch
        all we want is to be
        i ll see u soon

        • Dutch

          You’re not the first to say it. It may happen in some form, sometime… An annual has been suggested to start.

          • the don

            sorry dutch for late reply, an annual might not be “enough of a pull” but def in the write
            direction. would the annual cost be more than some sort of “flyer” that came out every three months? i know how that frequent update/contact keeps the momentum up.
            the shed is where we all want to go!

          • Dutch

            Who knows just yet. We have a lot on our plate with the October event and investigating other ways to connect with our readers in real life, but we will get around to something in hard copy at some point.

  3. Jim Larsen

    Cool site you have going on…L guess l’m a ‘shed builder’ as well even thou l have a ‘man cave’ to build…L just finished a 1971 CB500F ‘The Rising Sun’ Took a couple of years off n on, working my way thru it, coming up with all the coolness that went into this bike….First was to build a custom ‘glass seat’ for it, moving the electronics under the seat with the gel cell battery… re wiring the whole bike of course…l’ve been to a couple shows with it know and missed first place by 3 points…Didn’t bother me so much as l had lots of bikers with some great conversation about it and building…
    l’m here East of Sacramento CA. in the foothills for some of the best riding in CA l’ll glady entertain any riders that are in this area or will be….
    Jim Larsen
    Mother Load Cafe’ Racer
    Sutter Creek CA 95685

  4. Josh

    Hey, Im Josh from canada and just joined your site. Is there a place on here where i could message other builders for tips and advice for an amature builder such as myself? Ive been working on turning a gs400e into a cafe racer and was looking for some design ideas
    Port Hope Ont

    • Dutch

      Hi Josh, There are no forums on the Bike Shed, not because that’s not a good idea, but because is already a great forum for builders who need ideas and help, and we are closely associated with them, with many of our builds coming from DTT members. Look them up, join up and start posting and when you have finished the bike get some quality shots taken, and send them to us for a feature!

      • Josh

        Thanks Dutch, Ill post a few pics in the spring!

  5. Alan

    I have a 1999 Ducati 900SS and want to have a custom build of my bike. I live in Tennessee and can’t seem to find any good builders in the area (unless Harley chopper style). I am willing to travel within reason to talk to someone about tranforming my bike. Can you recommend custom builders, experienced with Duc builds in the Southeastern US? TN, GA, AL, NC, SC, KY, AR, MO, IN? Thanks!

    • Dutch

      Hey Alan, We’re UK based here at the BSMC and while we talk with dozens of builders every week we’re not familiar enough wit the US geography to spot who’s close to each other. Can we suggest you go to a forum, like where I’d bet you get a quicker answer than we could ever give.

  6. David

    Hi guys, I’d like to send you a couple of pics of my Cafe Guzzi, the first and only garage build I’ve completed, let me know who I send them to.



  7. Mikey Rides 46

    Lets have more custom two strokers!
    Come on all you RD nutters

    • Dutch

      We agree. Bring ‘em on Mikey. …Don’t suppose you have one do you?

    • Rutterman

      Just to let you know im in the middle of building a 1964 villiers cafe/Scrambler
      Its my first build, a 2 stroke and because I don’t have to tune the exhaust I got pretty much free reign with the design. I should be finished by May/June 14 It will have taken a year to complete. Wooden tank, seat and mudguards!
      The purists who follow the donor bike will hate me.
      Will contact the bikeshed with photos and details when iv completed.

  8. IaintsMeek

    This isn’t custom at all- except for the 12v conversion. Good fun, straight out of the box even after 38 years.

  9. Stuart Ringer

    Hi guys, I came along to your met in London on Sunday and wanted to say thanks for putting in the time an effort, I really enjoyed it.

    Can you let me know how I send you details and photos of a bike that I have just renovated?


    • Dutch

      Hi Stuart,
      Glad you enjoyed the event. It was an unbelievable amount of work, but well worth it.

      Re. your bike, all you need to know is written up in the article above. Not sure what more we could add, as we try to cover; type of bike, how to take the pics, what info we need from you and where to send it.

      Look forward to seeing your bike.

  10. Alan

    Hi, have tried to submit my bike via email, but keeps getting bounced back, do you have a limit on attachments? Cheers

    • Dutch

      We do have some limits, although quite big. We post photos at between 800 and 1200 pixels wide. Perhaps you could resize them to under 2000 pic each and send in small batches of 3?

      • Alan

        Ok will try that, cheers.

  11. Paul Best

    Quick word to Mikey , we have an rd lc up for grabs , very lively motor and cool as , Paul@clockworkorange

  12. Dave Law

    Great site, I am nearly finished my first ever real build/conversion. When I get some better pics I’ll drop you a line. The pics so far are taken on my phone just for record. BMWR100rs Cafe.
    Hopefully get the old thing up there in lights!!
    All the best

    • Dutch

      Hey Dave – We look forward to getting some quality snaps and the back story too.

  13. Floyd Finch

    What about rat bikes like this one?
    If yes I can send you your own unique pics in a different setting.

  14. Spike

    Hello! Love the site, a friend just gave me the link as I’m back to biking after 40 years… But I’m glad I took the DAS under the new rules recently, and enjoying this glorious biking summer that is sadly ebbing away now.

    I just wondered if you have ever considered asking for poetry or prose with bike pics? .. Just think it could be interesting to see how some describe the soul of bikes rather than just a list of parts and paint effects used in building them? :0)

    And may be some of your readers might provide some really interesting results, once they get over the “roses are red violets are blue, I’m addicted to petrol and chromium too” stage…

  15. the don

    hi shed folk
    this is getting a bit crazy the club is building at an exponential rate
    just come back from the emerald isle
    need to move the shed over a little
    got ideas about something for the shed at killarney bike fest
    irish tours??
    keep the bike on the road
    keep the cost down
    and always keep the wind in your hair
    just travelled by car from derry to killarney along the west of ireland
    and skirted under bare ben bulbelns head and underneath in drumcliff where Yeats is laid Horsemen pass by!
    This can work!
    Great to arrive in wet and windy killarney at mum and dads
    Best ,
    but just imagine on my 1979 zed and you lot!!!!!!!

    one day

  16. Terry

    This site has opened my eyes again. I have a 1980 xt250 that that I’ve clung on to through thick and thin for so many years, and now languishes in a corner.
    I’m now beginning to look at it differently
    Could some sort of Mongrel Mud Racer genre be born??
    Are there any cool trail bikes that have touched by genius I wonder….

    The show. Looks unmissable

  17. Steven Youngblood

    My name is Steven Youngblood. I own a shop called Youngblood Kutomz. We build kustom Hot rods and Motorcycles. I was wanting to see how we could have some of are bikes feachered in your magazine. Also if we coud advertise are business in your magazine.
    Younblood Kustomz

  18. Wojtek

    Hi there!
    i keep coming here to c what people build and thought i will show you my bike..
    just tried to email you but i keep getting the mailer deamon message about the problem delivering my message.

    i was wondering what do you think of the Virago i have built:

    • Dutch

      Hey Wojtek. The Virago looks fantastic. Send me pics via as explained on the Your Bike On Th Shed pages on here.

      • Wojtek

        cool, thanks! transfering it now…

  19. Airbrush Telson

    hi, i’m french painter, and i have transform my bike oneself! i dont speak very well english, i’m sorry.

    If you want see more, click “like” on Facebook – airbrush telson

  20. Pavol

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to show you my shed build (=shed photos). Not so many Jawas around.


    • Dutch

      Send it in as described above please Pavol.

      • Pavol

        will do but it’s freaking cold here so I have to wait for better weather to take some pro photos. I will keep in touch and thanks

  21. Steve

    Hi Dutch
    HELP required – Want to get onboard?

    I’m interested in starting a group similar to a project in Scotland called Hedzup racing which offers the availability for youths who would not usually have the opportunity to get involved with motor cycles.
    I have had a passion for bikes for over thirty years and feel it’s time to pass the baton on.
    I need help to find a workshop who would allow these kids the use of, for a couple of hours a week under supervision.
    Why should it be you? e-mail me if you want to know more.
    Cheers, Steve

  22. Manolo

    I Guys,
    Just found your site and we love it !!! Like you said on the other posts we send all the Photos and Text by wetransfer.
    Hope you Guys like our Bike :-)
    We dont have site but we have Facebook…Sameiros Motors.
    Sameiros Motors
    Manolo & João

  23. Danny

    You’re the man, Dutch! I’ll be sending you pics of my build sometime this spring. Will use wetransfer of course

    • Dutch

      Cheers dude. …I can’t tell you how much Drop Box pisses me off. LOL.

  24. Usman Siddique

    Hi Dutch you guyz done Awosssm work on your site its very very nice sooner I will poet mine bike pics and some basic detale about that
    Actually I also want to sale my bikes in I have some Honda bikes witch was just made for UK and Europe countries like CB 400t and some triumph Yamaha rx
    If you have to know about that let me know I will be very thankful to you
    Best Regards
    Usman Siddique

  25. Sutty

    Hi,not sure where to list this but a fellow Guzzi club member has had his lovely V11 Lemans rosso corsa stolen in Edinburgh in the last week,these are quite rare and he is obviously gutted ,the reg on the bike was V11 RCA,will try to post pic.
    cheers ,Keith.

    • Dutch

      Hi Keith, We’re really sorry to here this, but posting it as a comment on this page is unlikely to get the message out there. I’d suggest facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also cover all the UK Bike Forums.

  26. Joe

    Hello Dutch.

    Do you get many sidecar outfits featured? Just taken delivery of a 2002 Ural outfit, and looking to pretty it up. Would love to see any examples.


  27. Kev R

    Any truth in the rumour about BSMC 1V in October

    • Dutch

      Depends on sponsors, but if they come on board, then yes.. But maybe not in London… ;-)

  28. Canayer

    Hello i m on london . I woukd like Côme to se you in your Shop . Could you give me the address. Thank

    • Dutch

      Hi Canayer, We don’t have a shop. Yet. When we do (2015) the address will be published everywhere.

  29. Mark "five" mesolella

    Thank you so much for you ad and info I will take better shots and ad a story and happy to do so… ride on!!

  30. Moto Madess Customs

    We are an advertising on your site and will be submitting our CB350 Monoshocker we just finished. Had the chance to bring it down to the Ace Corner this year too =)

  31. Piotr

    Hi. For first sorry for my english :)
    My name is Piotr I’m from Babimost – small city in Poland.
    Since 17 years I’m pinted cars and motorcycles. Since 2 years I builded custom motorcycle. I sand you my FB webside. Write me please what do you think about my work and tel me how to sell my bikes on abroad. May by some special webside?
    I can pick up the motorcyle in Europe.
    Thx for your opinion and help.
    Marry Christmast and Happy New Year

    • Dutch

      Hi Piotr, Please read our YOUR BIKE ON THE SHED page.

  32. Valery Beauvillain

    Question from france. Sorry for my english …
    Do we have to pay to have an annouce on the web site ?
    I didn’t find any information in this way?

    Thanks for your answer.

    • Ross Sharp

      Hi Valery,
      All the details should be on this page. Photos need to be the correct sizes as per our spec, and a worthy story of the bike and it’s build process.
      Then use WeTransfer, NOT email or Dropbox to get the pictures to us.
      Hope that helps.

  33. Jarno

    Could someone please remove the XV1000 street tracker from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands?

    There’s no option on this site anywhere to do it myself!

    • Dutch

      Hi Jarno. Will do. The current classifieds pages are very basic (which is why they are so cheap) but the new classified, launching in a few weeks will be fully editable.

  34. Steven Donovan

    Hi Dutch

    Can you help, I have a bike on classifieds which is sold, un-sure how to up date ch listing

    It’s on Page 28, bottom left: ’66 Bonneville 650 Bobber

    Mant Thanks


    • Dutch

      Hi Stephen, We are launching the new uprated version tomorrow so you can mark it as sold.


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