Club Rules

“Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools”, but regardless, we would like all club members and visitors to adhere to these guiding principles:

We expect the same gentlemanly behaviour we get at all our meets and events, so the club is not a place to show of your stunting skills, or how loud your new exhaust pipe is. It’s also not a place for stag parties or binge-drinking nights out with the lads. We have residential neighbours and are in a high pressure area for public nuisance and disorder, so it’s up to us to show that bikers are a cool but considerate community. If you wanna rev hard, showboat your skills or demonstrate how long you you can hold it on the back wheel that’s up to you, but please do it somewhere else. If you think this is naff or lame, please don’t join. If you get us in trouble with neighbours or the law we’ll have to ask you to leave the club.

What you Ride – or not…
We don’t care what you ride or if you even ride a motorcycle at all. Aficionados are expected, but newbies, wannabes and bike fans are equally welcome to be part of what we do.

Balaclavas in Summer, 2-up Teens on a Scooter?
Motorcycles are currently the target of a theft epidemic, and the stolen bikes are being used for further crimes, giving us all a bad name. If you arrive as two young males, two-up on a scooter, wearing balaclavas on a warm day, you will not be admitted.

Riding on-site:
The Speed Limit is 5mph.  …We welcome your families, kids and dogs to the Bike Shed. Don’t be the first to run someone over. We won’t be nice about it.
Don’t rev excessively.
 …It’s not nearly as cool as you think.  Speeders & Noisemakers will be banned.
Burn-Outs …People who do burn-outs will be prosecuted for criminal damage to our nice floor.

On-Site Customer Bike Parking
We have parking for up to 80 bikes on our own private road and in our arches, on a first-come first served basis. Please shut your engine off on entry and do not leave your engine running when you are inside, while you’re waiting for your mates, or waiting to bring the engine up to temperature.

Parking is for customers, for the day. Please don’t chain your bike up in case it needs to be moved quickly.

Overnight Parking
We cannot keep your bike overnight, or while you go to work all day (unless you are a Gold member and have pre-arranged a space, i.e. in advance). If you do leave your bike here while you are somewhere else, we’ll put a disc lock on the bike and the key will be held by Vikki or the day Manager – who may or may not be available at your convenience.

Drinking & Riding
Please don’t drink and ride, and don’t assume you can leave your bike with us overnight. We’re not a bike park for the drunk, disorderly and disorganised. It’s fine to come on the tube or by cab and enjoy the hospitality in full.


Making an application for membership is not a guarantee of joining the club.

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, at the discretion of the club management. Reasons may or may not be given.

The membership list will be decided and managed by the Bike Shed crew and is not open for discussion.

Refunds will be at the discretion of the management.

Membership prices are annual and may vary in future.

Membership Payments must be made in advance of membership being approved, which will take at least 48 hours from application.

Membership cards can be collected from the club on your first visit or sent by post.

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The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed