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Anyone can come and enjoy the Bike Shed without being a member, but BSMC Membership has real benefits, all based on the unique community, connection and experience that biking brings all of us.

Most importantly – membership means belonging. Club visitors are surrounded by like-minded, loyal visitors who feel like this is their club. And it is. Friendships are made, adventures are planned, and the vibe here is like few other places in London, never mind in the biking world.

We’ve now firmly established a Membership Committee to help bring members together for more meets events and rides. They also host a gathering every first Thursday of the month, so you can get properly introduced to your fellow Bike Shed members and get to discover what a fantastic crowd have come together to be part of this epic adventure, plus meet some of the Bike Shed team and get insights on what we are planning net.

You can also enjoy Members-only experiences, like the monthly Captain’s Tables dinners, hosted in our upstairs boardroom by the likes of Fast Freddy Spencer, Charley Boorman, Elspeth Beard, Neil Spalding, and many more. Members also get first-dibs on our new events like the Bike Shed Festival and the Bike Shed Scramble. Subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the Homepage) to see what is going on every week. Members are also invited to our Private Members page on Facebook where we share club information, plus members can arrange meetings and rides, get help and advice anything bike related, and share anything interesting or relevant to other members.

Not only are you joining like-minded people who appreciate the same things that you do, our membership rules allow us to turn away late night drinkers who are just looking for the next bar to get drunk in. Keeping these casual drinkers away makes a nicer place for you and your guests. We get less trouble (in fact, we get none) because there is a nicer atmosphere of mutual respect between all our customers.

Discounts for Gold & Silver members can add up to real savings with 10-20% off your bills in the club and shop. There’s also free entry to many of our big-ticket annual events, (worth £60 just for the May show) plus Gold Membership earns you discounts and free upgrades with our partners, free membership to CLUB MOTO LONDON plus the highlighted businesses in our MEMBER’S DIRECTORY.

The member’s vibe and community of regulars also affects the staff. They are not simply serving customers, they are taking care of members; – loyal stakeholders who return much more often than customers do in other types of venue. This gives our team a sense of pride and demands higher levels of service. Also, many of our staff know most of our members names, and visa versa.

Finally, Membership is a stake in the Bike Shed. The BSMC was founded by 31 private individuals, and almost all are bike-riders who come to the club regularly. There’s no clever investment plan or money-making scheme, we all just wanted this place to exist. The Founder Members started something special, so by joining them as members, you are helping the club to exist, through your loyalty and companionship, as well as supporting us financially.

We have around 800 members at the time of writing. The membership is what defines us – and we are truly grateful to all of you.


Check out the full list of member benefits here.

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